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Q about miscarriage tissue. Possibly TMI

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puzzletree Thu 07-Jul-11 20:45:30

Hi. This is a bit graphic so don't read if it may be TMI.
I miscarried on sunday at hospital at 9 weeks. Lost a lot of large clots and a large mass of tissue which went into the toilet but what I saw looked like a large smooth lump. Since then I just bled and it seemed to settle down on monday. Had a scan on tuesday (the only scan I have had this pregnancy) and they confirmed no pregnancy and a pool of blood still to pass. Since then I have been bleeding again and cramping intermittently. And just now I noticed some tissue (sort of stringy and ragged) which I pulled free but there seems to be more still inside me. Not sure what to do now. I'm only bleeding very lightly and not in pain. Is this similar to what anyone else has experienced? The nurse at EPU on tuesday just said would have a couple of days of bleeding.

Catsycat Thu 07-Jul-11 20:59:13

Hi, I had an ERPC last wednesday so thought everything should be gone, but a couple of days later had cramps and passed a fairly small, stringy, stretchy, grey bit (sorry TMI). It didn't happen again and I've had no more cramps, so I didn't ring EPAU. I would maybe give the EPAU a call in the morning, if you are feeling there is more to come, as they should know if this is normal, or if you need to have another scan.

Hope you are coping OK, it is such a horrible, worrying time.

puzzletree Thu 07-Jul-11 21:16:10

Thanks Catsycat, I've actually just now cleanly passed a lump of tissue so I think that must be what it was, hopefully this is the last, but I'll give the EPU a call in the morning if it happens again or the bleeding ramps up. I wasn't expecting anything more so it is a bit of a shock, but I'm ok. I hope you are getting through this ok too, have things settled for you now? Hope so.

Catsycat Thu 07-Jul-11 22:23:38

Hi Puzzletree. As you say, hopefully that is it now. It really is so unpleasant on so many levels isn't it? I'm glad you're OK. I'm feeling a bit better today too, thanks for asking smile.

puzzletree Thu 07-Jul-11 23:33:15

Hi again Catsycat just read your thread and it sounds like you've had a really tough and scary experience. My miscarriage has been more straightforward I guess, I 'knew' something wasn't right a week or so ago (like you, have two children already) and then just started bleeding over the weekend and ended up in various hospital departments (and toilets) on sunday. I naively didn't realise quite how painful and bloody it would be at 9 weeks. On monday I felt bloated and weak just like when I'd given birth to my boys. But am so glad this happened now rather than later in the pregnancy, or in my first pregnancy. It still feels quite surreal.
Thanks again for replying, it was very reassuring.Wishing you the very best of luck for the future.

Catsycat Fri 08-Jul-11 20:23:05

Hi puzzletree. I'm with you on being glad it wasn't later. A friend lost her first baby at 38 weeks, and I just cannot bear to imagine what that was like for her. I hope you're on the mend physically now, and thanks for your good wishes. It's really helped me to share what happened with people on these forums. Best wishes for the future to you too. x

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