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Recurrent Buns Graduates - Pregnancy and Beyond

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Glitterybits Wed 06-Jul-11 21:53:44

Thought it was about time we had a new home for all those lovely ladies who used to frequent the original Recurrent Buns thread, or anyone else who has been through the hideous journey of miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage, infertility, testing etc. and now finds themselves either pregnant and in need of hand-holding (or better yet) with their long-awaited bundle(s) of joy.

I know it perhaps seems a little inappropriate to start a thread in the miscarriage topic but it still seems the most relevant spot for those of us who haven't yet completed the journey - and nowhere else really seemed right or fair to everyone.

I do hope you'll come along and say hello. I do miss you all!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Thu 07-Jul-11 08:52:39

Glitterybits - I found you smile Just marking my place for later.

Looking forward to seeing who else comes along, be great to chat to lunatic, frazzled and co!!


LunaticFringe Thu 07-Jul-11 20:49:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glitterybits Thu 07-Jul-11 23:07:52

Yey! Hello both! Big waves!!!

Loopy as ever at this end. I imagine you'd be disappointed if I were anything else! grin

Poo strikes are never good, but I can't help but be slightly amused at your memory of a 10 day record with dd1. How do you retain this information? Come to think of it, retain is probably a bad choice of word under the circumstances! Ah, brings back memories of whizzing up apple juice and prunes for DS. Hope he feels much better soon.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 08-Jul-11 11:43:58

eek!! Mad wave at LF

All ok here, mad as ever this morning. Dreaded GTT and antiD appointment. Measuring three weeks too big but hey ho. I grow big 'uns! grin

glittery who else has from the buns thread has been invited here?

I'll tell justmee about it smile

Now off out for a chinese. YUM!!! grin

stillfrazzled Fri 08-Jul-11 18:39:51

<also checks email and gets absurdly excited>

Evening all! So good to have a 'home' on MN again, I've been feeling a bit lost... really glad to see the original thread's still going strong but it feels so wrong to post there moaning about colic etc.

Had a really good day today - F's weigh-in, and at six months he is finally (if you correct for the age he ought to be) on the charts! Just above the 0.4th centile, true, but you've got to start somewhere.

DH being all cool and saying he never doubted it, but I've been grinning all day.

And we have the opposite to a poo strike, poor old F has been filling his nappy just about every hour, mostly with vile green goop, and has a vicious nappy rash as a result. Still extremely cheerful but his poor little butt is red raw.

Had lovely afternoon with six-days-overdue friend, DS1 being fab and DH has cooked dinner. Happy trails...

It'll be really good to keep up with you all on here again.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 09-Jul-11 09:21:18

Mornign ladies smile

LF Hope poo strike isn't lasting too long grin This makes for an interesting first page should someone come accross us by accident!

Glittery Hope you are busy nesting or some such arranging... not long now!

frazzled Are you actually serious that F is 6 months old now? Jees, time goes so fast.

So glad things are going well for everyone smile

Had my GTT thingy. Gawd I hate lucozade with a passion. Results should be in tuesday smile

And..... I have ordered a travel system. I have taken the plunge. It will be here Mmonday. And... I am actually excited.


Glitterybits Sun 10-Jul-11 20:17:10

Hello all. So glad you're all here!

Been away for the weekend with a group of friends I haven't seen in a very long time. It was really good apart from my general vastness and inability to drink! Under 3 weeks to go. It is safe to say that I'm getting a bit nervous now.

Finally got an acknowledgment letter of my request to have a birth centre birth, but it has no other information on it other than the fact that they have booked me an appt with the consultant midwife for 25th July at the hospital I'd rather not go to. Hmmmm, cutting it a bit fine considering my due date is 29th. If my lo comes sooner, it looks as though I'll be choosing the location of delivery! grin They really have been so slack.

Coconuts Very proud of you for buying a travel system. How very brave. I've not had chance to let everyone know about the thread. Hoping to PM mumatron, MummyA and Julez this evening if I get chance and they don't find us first. I don't want to hound anyone to join in, but it is nice to have a relevant home here again.

Lunatic How is L doing now? Hope there has been a small explosion and he's feeling much better! grin

frazzled Yey for the weigh in. Not so yey for the bowel issues and nappy rash!

Having a bit of a mare at this end (what's new?) because I've got a weird pouch-like lump under my belly button at the bottom of my bump. I suspect it's a pocket of fluid - looks as though I've trapped a bit of skin and it's retained its shape - if that makes any sense? Could it be oedema? It's too low to be hernia related and sort of slightly numb rather than tender to touch. Seeing the mw on Wednesday anyway, but baby is still active and happy, so I suspect it's nothing too sinister. Still a bit grim though. Also getting stretchmarks now. Grrrrrrrrrrr. This happened last time at 39 weeks. Not fair that I manage to get so massive and close to the end before anything happens and now I look minging. You can come out now, baby! smile

LunaticFringe Sun 10-Jul-11 21:08:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Sun 10-Jul-11 21:59:15

I'm here! Thank you for doing this glittery

Can't wait to have a catch up with you all.

I'm on my phone atm so can't do a proper catch up. I'm in bed watching marley and me and having a good sob

E is doing fab, growing at an alarming rate! Think there are some fairly up to date pics on my profile if anyone fancies a nosey.

Will do a proper catch up tomorrow.

mumatron Sun 10-Jul-11 22:00:56

Oh and lf you are such a tease! I really was expecting a bfp. <Faints at the thought>


Julezboo Sun 10-Jul-11 22:01:30

<<<wanders in excitedly>>>

So happy to have a home now! Like Frazzled was feeling a bit lost!! (Really sorry about nappies, they will be in post this week I promise! with a freebie nappy or two!)

How long to the pregnant grin ladies have left now?

We are muddling through. PND was diagnosed a while ago as well as disalligned ribs from pregnancy shock which are very painful still! We are done, no more kids!

O is okay too. Still struggling on the weight front, for those that missed it he was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and reflux (which isproving to be fun with weaning!) He is also on poo strike like L today! so very whingy and screamy. We have been referred to a dietician. DS2 just getting over a broken arm too so life has been pretty hectic!

I am soo happy we have a home, I did toy with the idea of setting up a similar thread but chicken out! Thank you Glittery!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 10-Jul-11 22:06:39

I have told justmee about it and also have mummyA on my FB so will message her in the morning. must spread the word.

So great to have you all here, all hail glittery grin grin

Will do proper catch up tomorrow, after pushchair comes YAY!!!

LunaticFringe Sun 10-Jul-11 22:12:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Sun 10-Jul-11 22:22:07

Evening all smile. Still chuffed to have somewhere to hang out!

Coconuts, congrats on ordering the travel system. It's an important step. Hopefully you can keep up the good work and not get caught short like me - nowt ready by 35 weeks because I was still in denial. Normally wouldn't have mattered, of course, but F had other ideas!

He is indeed six months old, although since he's the size of a 3mo you wouldn't nec know it to look at him. Mind you, he makes it work for him - he's pretty cute (fond/biased mama alert) and extremely smiley, and also has the instincts of a bloodhound for any lady who might be persuaded to go oooo at him. It's a deadly combination...

Glittery I don't like to scold, but you are supposed to be finished with weird ailments nowgrin. Have never heard of it, but I have just broken my longstanding 'never Google health stuff' policy and oedema was what came up more than anything else. Along with lots of reassuring anecdotes about midwives not being too bothered about it. When are you due to be seen next?

Sympathy re stretchmarks. First time round I was pretty smug until week 38, when I noticed the buggers in a changing room mirror. Didn't get any extra this time but then had smallish bump and didn't get to that stage. Is the final pregnancy (not birth) related insult, no?

Lunatic V glad that L is doing so well (isn't it funny how we don't tend to use DS2 etc but initials instead? I do use DS2 elsewhere on MN, but since he's been introduced using his proper name it feels silly to do it here). Not bitter, honest - L managed a decent weight to start with, after all. Glad to hear that poo strike over and even more pleased that you didn't have to deal with it!

So looks like you're content to be done, then? I gave all my maternity clothes away to a friend without a pang. Although am now starting to get terrible 'this is the last time I'll ever do this waaaah' every time F grows out of something or learns to do something new.

Started F on formula top-ups last thing at night in the week. He seems to like them so I've been able to ditch the bloody breast pump at long last. I even felt a bit nostalgic about that. Hopeless case. Still haven't tried him with food, given preponderance of green squitty nappies.

Not much to report. Had nice weekend At Home for once, just together as a family. V little housework or gardening done, nice food eaten, some beer drunk and several episodes of Summer Heights High watched.

And starting to plan packing etc for mahoosive family gathering in Suffolk (huge house on seafront in Lunatic's recent holiday destination). There will be at least ten of us there at all times from Friday, for a week, and it's not equipped for babies so we need everything. Any hints for essentials appreciated as I always forget something. I need lists!

LunaticFringe Sun 10-Jul-11 22:24:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Sun 10-Jul-11 22:28:46

My epic took so long that I x-posted with mumatron and Julez <waves frantically and raises a glass>

E is absolutely gorgeous as ever, mumatron. Is Marley and Me any good? I can't cope with things that make me cry, watched Toy Story 2 with DS1 on Friday and had to look away during the scene with Jessie and Emily. Wibble.

And I'd missed the news about your ribs, Julez. Bloody hell, have never even heard of that. Is it something that gets put right with time, or will you need treatment of some kind?

Re nappies, we're off for a week from Fri morning, so if you don't make it to Post Office by about Tues don't worry about it till the week after. Will be great to get them but it takes me DAYS to get to the post so don't feel bad. smile

Welcome in advance if you make it, MummyA!

Julezboo Sun 10-Jul-11 22:33:48

Treatment forever kind of ailment! Tbh its got me down today and meltdown was huge this morning, coupled with the fact DH whinged about getting up at 7am with oliver! Never mind that when its my turn to get up he thinks the day starts at 5bluddy am lol

DS1 has an appt first thing so will get to post office tomorrow afternoon smile I have an orange fuzzi bunz to go in as well smile

MummyAbroad Sun 10-Jul-11 22:56:43

Hello!!! coconuts tipped me off via facebook that you were all over here, how lovely to see you all again and get your news!!

I am 23 weeks along at the moment, still out here in Costa Rica, however now minus a husband (long story, but DS and me and bump really are much happier without him), DS has now turned 3 and is in nursery school every day in the mornings, I have a part time job translating, all done at home via the internet so its a great setup and we have a fab fab fab full time cleaner/cook making everything possible.

The only black cloud on the horizon is my birth plan, I am currently shopping around for doctors (or more accurately, trying to pysche up the courage to get back into the fray after a stressful week of getting nowhere) So far options are: state hospital where no one cares about my pre-existing conditions and facilities are frankly scary or private hospital with a doc I met last week who says I am extreemly high risk and will need a cesarian plus hysterectomy (!)

Obviously I dont like either choice and will keep looking, something somewhere in the middle of these two extremes would be nice! I am going for a scan on tuesday which will hopefully give me an indication if there is placenta accreta or not, hopefully its clear and then doctors might be a bit less inclined to rip my womb out!

frazzled I love making lists (got a massive nesting urge at the moment but not much energy to actually do anything, so I make lists instead grin)

Have you got these items?:
travel cot/place for baby to sleep
changing mat
bath (if you use them)
emergency baby meds (glycerine suppositories for the poo strikes!)
dummy + dummy clip on thing (if you use them)
microwave steriliser bags (from boots) - assuming there is a microwave, phone and check!
disposable bibs (boots)
disposable breast pads for you.
mothercare steriliser bottles are great too (especially as its just one feed at night)

If you will be out in the countryside you might also want to take a mosquito net for the pram to keep wee beasties out or insect repellent for babies. Also a sunshade or shawl to drape over pram, and a plastic rain cover for pram and a raincoat with a hood for you.

Plenty of wet wipes to keep everybody cool and maybe a hand held fan.

will be back later if i think of some more...


LunaticFringe Mon 11-Jul-11 19:57:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumatron Mon 11-Jul-11 20:08:12

I'm just getting the bigger dc off to bed, quick tidy up then I'll be stealing the laptop to do a mammoth catch up grin

LunaticFringe Mon 11-Jul-11 20:14:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Mon 11-Jul-11 20:26:42

lunatic glad I'm not the only one who is a teensy bit excited at this thread grin I've missed you all dearly!

Pushchair is fab thanks, came at like 5pm though which was a bit annoying that we had to wait in all day and have no bread or milk for breakfasts tomorrow. Hey ho, never mind smile

Great that L slept through so well. Intrigued about friend's scary ds though... do tell!! grin

Mummy Glad you found us smile ooh you are good at making lists, I'll remember that when my brain goes blank!

frazzled F sounds adorably small and cute smile Am still in denial at times. Sometimes I find it so hard but I'm forcing myself to get on and accept it for how it is. Hope you have a great holiday, sounds like you'll have a ball with all the family and friends there for babysitting duties grin

julez I'm due 1st October, so 28weeks now. Disaligned ribs? I have a rib that still pokes out from when I was preg with DD, never knew it would be regarded as a medical condition. Sorry to hear about the PND, hope you have the right people around you smile

Sounds like O has had a tricky time with the reflux etc sad

mumatron Marley & Me makes me blub like a baby, but it's a great film. E is beautiful smile

glittery pouch of fluid sounds a believable diagnosis although must look and feel pretty weird grin Am waiting with excited trepidation and anticipation for you to pop out a baby in the next couple of weeks. Hope she doesn't keep you waiting much longer!

Soooo.... Here is my new buggy I love it. Have got it all out the box, built it all, had a little walk up and down the hallway, and put it all away again in the lobby.

Had my GTT Friday, results in morning. Bit nervous actually. Am measuring 3 weeks too big so 2+2= 64 so that must mean I have GD hmm Always something to worry about!!

Anyways, DD's bedtime, must dash!

LunaticFringe Mon 11-Jul-11 20:41:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stillfrazzled Mon 11-Jul-11 20:44:46

Lunatic, 6.20am? SIX TWENTY AM? Now I AM bloody well bitter grin. F lasts from his 11pm feed to about 3am ish, 2-something if he's feeling sadistic and 4-something if he wants to get my hopes up. Don't feel up to sleep training him because at the moment I think he needs the milk more than I need the zeds <martyr emoticon>.

Thx for most useful list and tips, and also to you MummyA, will add them to my own. So sorry for everything you've been through - I remember you mentioned it on the other thread, but at the time were in hopes it would all work out. I am in quiet awe at how much you've got through this past year.

Like the pram a lot, Coconuts. It will look even nicer with your LO tucked away inside it smile.

Julez, what sort of treatment do you get for your ribs? I am aghast that after everything you went through before and during the pg, you're still dealing with this sad.

Have spent day doing laundry (three loads, two to go), getting travel cot from courier - tomorrow's job is doing a trial run to see if I can get the fecking thing up and fold it again, is one of those tent jobbies - mowing the lawn, laying out F's clothes, making list of holiday capsule wardrobe for me (won't be throwing in 20 extra bits at the last minute, ooooh noooo), collecting Bumbo tray from local shop so F has something to sit in and mangle grub in on hols, fixing broken pole of beach shelter... I think about it, I'm knackered! Have arranged to have DS1 in nursery for full day tomorrow, to give me a chance to clean and sort a few more bits out. Then going to spend Thurs packing and baking all the cakes I rashly promised my family. I suppose it could be a bribe for babysitting and thus less mad, no?

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