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ERPC booked for tomorrow, but happening naturally today

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soupmaker Wed 06-Jul-11 10:21:17

I have suffered a second MC at 12 weeks, baby didn't make it past 9 weeks. Its heartbreaking as all was fine at my 8 week scan. Started spotting on Sunday and got an appointment at EPU yesterday morning where it became clear I had MC. Had to beg for ERPC as going to a funeral next week which we have to be at, staff were brilliant and got one sorted for tomorrow. However I am at home today and it has all started to happen naturally, have passed a lot of blood and clots this morning, although not in any great pain. Will I still be able to have the ERPC? Anyone else been in a similar position?

Warksmummy Wed 06-Jul-11 13:17:01

Hello soupmaker

If I were you I would ring the hospital and ask. I bled a lot before being taken for an emergency ERPC so it must be possible but you are better off asking the experts.

Take care.

clarey2311 Wed 06-Jul-11 14:11:39

Hi soupmaker,

You can pass a lot of blood and clots and not pass the sac/foetus, that was certainly my experience when I had my 2nd mc and opted for medical management (I was around 9 weeks preg). I passed blood and clots all day and night while in hospital (quite painful) but none of it was what the doctors were looking for and I ended up having to have an ERPC anyway. Think you should go in as planned, they'll asked you what you passed, what size it was etc and maybe be able to scan you to check. Sorry you're going through this.

Best of luck

Catsycat Wed 06-Jul-11 14:38:13

Hi Soupmaker, sorry to hear about your baby.

I bled an awful lot and had an emergency ERPC as the only way to stop the bleeding. Despite sitting on the toilet 2 or 3 times an hour with blood and clots just pouring out each time, soaking pads etc, there was still a lot of the tissue that got stuck in my cervix, causing pain and more bleeding. I was scanned with a portable scanner by one of the consultants who came down to A&E, and she could see where the tissue was stuck, how my uterus looked etc. I was surprised how much there was to come out.

You could phone the EPAU and see if you might need to arrive earlier than planned for a scan.

Take care.

soupmaker Thu 07-Jul-11 06:27:01

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's all so difficult to make judgement calls when in the middle of dealing with this. Thankfully head a bit clearer this morning.

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