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Is it normal for the blood to smell?

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Cies Wed 06-Jul-11 09:12:42

I had a pessary to start miscarriage of my 8 week pregnancy that was not progressing. I had this on Saturday. Yesterday and today I've noticed that the blood I'm passing smells bad, like when my dog has rolled in a dead animal or someting. Is this normal? Or could it be an infection? I feel fine physically, no fever or pain.

CMOTdibbler Wed 06-Jul-11 09:15:46

If it smells like that, then you need to see someone as you may well have an infection. Normally, it smells metallic, but def not offensive

Cies Wed 06-Jul-11 09:37:52

Thanks, it's as I expected. <<sigh>>

lisad123 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:40:31

get yourself to hospital now please. No it shouldnt and you likely have an infection

Imnotaslimjim Wed 06-Jul-11 10:07:19

Yes, do get that looked at. Sounds like the start of an infection. Its easily dealt with, though its the last thing you need right now

Cies Wed 06-Jul-11 13:26:17

Well I went to the hospital, and they looked me over and took some samples of the material I'm passing. But as I don't have a fever they didn't reckon it was an infection. But they gave me a one dose anti-biotic because they'd been poking around down there and could have spread any infection. Thanks for all your advice.

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