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Any experience of Wessex Fertility Clinic/ The Freya Centre in Southampton

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madcow78 Tue 05-Jul-11 19:37:45

Posting on behalf of a friend who has just been referred to the Freya Centre for recurrent miscarriage. Most of the testimonials on their website refer to IVF treatment and she was wondering what to expect as a miscarriage referral and whether anyone had any experiences, good or bad that they could share with her.
Her (NHS) appointment is in 8 weeks time but she is considering whether to go private to speed things up.
Hoping someone can help, I know she has been reading a lot of threads on this board and found it a great support. Thanks.

hopetobe Wed 13-Jul-11 05:44:45

Hi I have been trying to find any one else who has had a miscarriage after there cvs. I was expecting a healthy baby boy two weeks ago. He died at 14w1d (that was from his measurements) I had the cvs done 9 days earlier. The placenta was at the back and baby was in the way. Then baby moved into a better position i was told and the procedure went a head. It was quite painful and I was cramping when the needle was in and they were shaving the sample from the placenta. I felt it was quite violent and felt sick in my stomach at that moment knowing I had made a bad decision. The cramping continued for most of the day and although tender things seemed fine. 3 days later we found out all was well and we were having a little boy. We already have a little girl and my husband has a daughter from a previous. I am 43 however my transnucal test with my daughter 15months old said my risk was that of a 15 year old very low so I was not advised to do a cvs. A few weeks ago a friend told me of a lady who had a ds baby and apparently had had a test. I didnt ask all of the questions I should have but panicked and changed my transnucal appointment to a cvs as I thought it was a way to be sure without really researching the risks or procedure itself. I went for my routine check up 9 days later and my heart sank i could not see his heart beat. I had felt him moving days before . He had had a heart rate of 163bpm at the cvs and was moving around so much. He had long legs and measured approx 11cm. He was now in a fetal position with his hands in front of his face, my dr said oh look he's hiding. I then said can you see the heart beating? Trying not to panic she slowly said I'm sure there was but i cant find one. The rest has been a nightmare. I am so angry with myself for risking my baby's life, I should have had the trans nucal first. I felt like I had performed a science experiment and killed my baby. I hope he didn't feel pain, I have had bad dreams just wish I could go back and say if the placenta is in a bad position maybe we should just do the scan. The placenta was not working anymore and I believe that the test was too invasive and violent and it disrupted the functioning of my placenta which resulted in the loss of my baby due on Christmas day. I don't know if I can be lucky enough to fall pregnant again at my age and also I lost a lot of blood during my curette approx 1.5 litres. I blame myself as I made a decision that went against my natural instinct. I will never forgive myself or forget the baby boy I started to love and will never know. Unless you have a reasonable risk or history please think twice.

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