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Pregnant after miscarriage, what should I say/do at the Doctors?

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Purplebuns Mon 04-Jul-11 21:22:56

I am so nervous, I am worried after tiny niggle .etc
I am so scared I will lose this one to, although I am trying to be positive to some success.
What if any testing can I have? I have heard of early scans and some sort of blood test to see if a pregnancy is viable? Would I be eligible for any of this?
I have had one mc at 9/10 weeks and a chemical pregnancy at 4 weeks. (not sure if the CP counts?)

I am a bit further than my CP which cheers me and I have some symptoms so maybe, just maybe this one will stick? smile

faintpositive Mon 04-Jul-11 21:58:19

oooh everything crossed for you.

Early scans usually around 6-7 weeks as before that your baby will be too small to show up.

Blood tests unfortunately cannot show up the viability of the pregnancy, but can show that you are pregnant...which you already know from your home test. IME these type of tests are evry unreliable and can be quite misleading.

Do you have an early pregnancy assessment unit attached to your hospital or one nearby? Google it to see. You can present yourself to this without refferal.
1st though you need to go to see your GP i think.

Congratulations, how far along do you think that you are?

Purplebuns Mon 04-Jul-11 22:09:48

Hi, Faintpositive I have seen your diary thread, just before my positive test, and funnily enough I was feeling depressed about NOT being pregnant then!
I have a shorter cycle, so I am 3/4 days late, so about 4 weeks? I have a 26 day cycle so I am not really sure?
My nearest EPU is in the nearest city 17 miles away and a bit of a trek as I don't drive.
I guess I will just have to go to the GP, I am not sure when to go though, I could leave it a week to see, but I kind of want them to be aware sooner, so I can be on the system as pregnant, if it does go wrong again + for scan booking in.
Should I wait or I can probably go on Wednesday?

Thank you, and Congratulations yourself smile

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