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1st AF after M/C

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PieMistress Mon 04-Jul-11 19:10:20


Well, finally 8 weeks after my m/c I think AF is here. But it's really really light and doesn't make it onto the liner or anything and there is only blood there when I wipe. I didn't get a BFN until 5.5 weeks after my m/c.

Did anybody else have this? Am quite concerned at how 'scanty' it is as was expecting something much more full on?

I was so hoping for AF to not even show up at all, but I knew it would be too good to be true for me to conceive straight after my m/c!

Pie x

LPO Tue 05-Jul-11 07:49:30

Hi Pie I am so sorry for your loss. I too started first AF post mc yesterday.
I was only 3/4 weeks pregnant so it was very early days for me, and my AF has come back 4 weeks after mc.
It is very different for me because it has appeared so soon afterwards, but wanted to leave you a message on here just for some support.

I had a tiny bit of hope in my head that the doctor/tests were wrong and I hadn't lost the baby. But it's clear now. There is no way back.
My AF is very heavy (TMI, but lots heavier than normal).
Maybe you should give it a couple of days and see if it gets heavier and if not try another test to be sure, there is that small possibility that you have concieved again and it's implantation bleeding if it is so light?

Take care of yourself xx

LIG1979 Tue 05-Jul-11 08:29:00

Hello Pie,

Did you have an ERPC? I have just had my 1st AF just over 5 weeks after my ERPC and it was very light. Initially I thought (hoped) it could be implantation bleeding but as my temperature had droppped and I got a BFN 5 days after I am sure it was my AF. (Also, got a positive OPK about 2 weeks before so it all adds up.) I looked it up and whilst there is nothing scientific, it seems that lots of people have a light AF after ERPC and this may be because the lining was made thin during the op. (However, some people have heavier AFs as well after ERPC so there do not seem to be any rules.)

Have you done a pg test yet? It could be implantation bleeding. I am hoping next cycle I will either be pregnant or have a normal AF!

Good luck x

PieMistress Tue 05-Jul-11 08:29:39

Thanks for your kind words LPO. I am so sorry too to hear of your loss. I was the same and kept hoping the doctors had got it wrong until I had a scan and it showed an empty uterus sad

It's so difficult isn't it sad My m/c was at 7 weeks although baby had stopped growing at 5/6 weeks and I can't believe how long its been dragging on for now. I just want things to get back to normal so I can try to move on.

I am now 13DPO and my 3rd day of light spotting. I did a test today and it was BFN but my temps are still high so not sure what's happening. It has been very very warm at night though so that could explain it.

I just wish it would be heavier so that I knew for sure what was going on as i'm now paranoid that my lining isn't thick enough to support a pregnancy because my AF is so light?

The pregnancyloss website does say it can be light but I think I might make an appt with my GP if it doesn't get any heavier <sigh>

PieMistress Tue 05-Jul-11 08:34:17

Hi Lig looks like we posted at the same time!

I didn't have an ERPC but had a very drawn out 'natural' m/c over which I bled on and off for nearly 5 weeks and didn't get a BFN either until nearly 6 weeks! I then had + OPKs about 12 days after the bleeding stopped and EWCM with a rise in temps, so am pretty sure I ovulated.

I was so hoping deep down that I would be one of the people that conceived straight after a m/c but it would seem not - boooo!

The blood only appears when I wipe so it really is very light - was yours like that? I was also hoping it was an implantation bleed but 4 x BFN later am pretty sure it's game over this cycle. I am 40 next year and really trying not to let it get me down, it's hard though isn't it.

Fingers crossed things get back to normal for us all soon xx

Missgiraffe1 Tue 05-Jul-11 13:27:28

Hi Pie sorry for your loss.

I am 7 weeks + 1day post-ERPC and still no signs of anything happening. Took me 4 weeks 4 days to get BFN. My sac had grown to 9 weeks (but no baby sad , was blighted ovum) so HcG level was probably quite high.

I know this doesn't help much in relation to your post, but think it shows that there are so many variations of what happens post-MC. One thing I've learned over the years is that it's not an exact science - far from it!

Wishing you a successful pg in the very near future (I have my spring 2012 all planned out already! wink)

LIG1979 Tue 05-Jul-11 14:37:48

Hi Pie,

I got a cpl of drops/spotting for a couple of days then it developed into what I think was an AF. It sounds heavier than what you had but much lighter than a natural period and only lasted 1.5 days. It was also brown rather than red. (TMI I know - sorry!) I am sort of glad I did not get a BFP as I don't think it would have been a pleasant environment for my future child to grow up in!

Misgiraffe sorry you have not got an AF yet. I think the BFN is critical to how long after you get an AF. I had a BFN before the ERPC (the miscarriage took 6 weeks and there was a tiny bit left that wouldn't budge) and it still took over 5 weeks, but if you didn't get one till a bit after the ERPC your body will still need a bit of time to recover.

Also, wishing you a very sucessful spring 2012. (I am trying to not think too much about dates at the moment - just trying to focus on all the good things I can do whilst not pg.) x

PieMistress Wed 06-Jul-11 08:37:53

Well it's not light anymore! Am now on the 2nd day of significantly heavier bleeding, much heavier than my AF pre-miscarriage. For some reason I feel better that it's heavier now rather than staying light (if that makes sense!)

missgiraffe it took me AGES to get a BFN (nearly 6 weeks) and 8 weeks for AF to return. The waiting is so difficult when you just want to start TTC again but are in a limbo period of just waiting for your body to accept that the m/c happened and get back to some kind of normality again.

LPO Wed 06-Jul-11 18:19:13

Pie Maybe the reason you are feeling better is because you now have your AF for sure and can moved to the next step?
My AF is in full swing and feeling really rough. Really heavy flow, sickness feeling and headaches all day. Urgh!

I hope that you are ok and that you can get your head around everything. Take care x

PieMistress Wed 06-Jul-11 19:25:16

Thanks LPO. My AF is also in full swing and I can definitely feel it - bleurghgh!

Over the past 2 days there have been 2 pregnancy announcements from good friends with their babies being due one month after our loss would have been.

So, it's been an emotional couple of days and i've struggled not to cry at work. I am really happy for my friends but the news is also tinged with sadness for us.

Hope you are okay too, I need to focus on onwards and upwards!

LPO Wed 06-Jul-11 19:37:35

I completely understand. My DHs cousin is expecting one month after ours would have been and is forever updating facebook with things about it. Happy for them, but still pinches everytime I see her put something up about it.

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