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I lost our baby at ten weeks

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honeyjam Thu 30-Jun-11 18:26:03

I have logged on for the first time having only just hooked up to the internet.
I feel for everyone of you who have lost a baby. It is devastating and an unimaginable experience to go through.
Our baby had died at six weeks but I felt fully pregnant and did not start bleeding untill ten weeks.
After a scan with apalling,uncaring staff I was advised to go home and deal with it alone. They did not tell me what would happen or how painful it would be. I returned a week later, was rescanned to check everything and the only comment from the nurse was , yes its all gone, probably looked a bit like liver.
Please don't underestimate how you may feel, take time off work, let people look after you and grieve.
Also be prepared to for sadness to hit you when you least expect. Especially when the due date is nearing.
Our baby was due in September and I feel a little scared about how upset I may be during that week.
However just reading other peoples experiences and writing about my own has been very helpful.

Thank you for sharing such personal stories. Honeyjam

Mama5isalive Thu 30-Jun-11 19:11:13

Hi honeyjam - im so so sorry about your loss and the pain you had to go through! i hope each day that passses you grow stronger and yes when your EDD comes it will hit you all over again. be kind to yourself and i hope you hold on to hope in the future xxx

honeyjam Fri 01-Jul-11 07:56:12

Dear Mama5isalive, Thank you for your kind words. I,m really sorry for the experience you have gone through. It is very hard being around pregnant ladies,especially if you were expecting together. I am in that situation to. Around the time of the EDD we may plant a tree in memory of our lost baby. I hope you are beginning to heal. xxxxx

Mama5isalive Fri 01-Jul-11 08:25:39

HoneyJam - im glad you have found some lovely way to mark the day! keep on growing in strength and hopefully very soon we will meet on another thread sharing our wonderful news! all the best mama5 xxx

wickedwitchofwaterloo Wed 06-Jul-11 10:42:04

Hi honeyjam, so sorry for your loss.

Your post brought me a lot of comfort, I lost a baby at 7 weeks last year, the due date would have been this Sunday, I've been a bit up and down as it has gotten closer and I did wonder if it was just me. It is helpful to know someone else feels like this. I got really sad at the half way point as well. I have a friend who is due tomorrow and I'm finding it a bit hard. I'm over the moon for her obviously but... well, I'm sure you know.
Love the idea of the tree, my fiance and I nicknamed the baby pepper for the short time we were happy, so going to get a little chilli pepper tattoo on Sunday (I'm quite heavily tattooed as it is so it's sort of 'my thing' iyswim)

Thank you for your post and best wishes for good news soon xxx

honeyjam Thu 07-Jul-11 21:36:05

Dear wickedwitchofwaterloo, I am so glad my words have brought you comfort and you know you are not alone. I am so sorry that you lost a baby who would have been born around now. I think the tattoo is a great way to never forget your baby.Thinking of you during this especially hard time. Honeyjam.

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