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Medical management failure?

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whingeymacwhinger Wed 29-Jun-11 07:10:42

hi there

I wonder if anyone had chosen the medically managed route with it failing? I miscarried (after missed miscarriage) at 12 +4 almost 5 weeks ago, but tissue was left behind so had misoprostal yesterday at 4pm. Nothing has happened and I think that the pessaries failed to dissolve. Has anyone else had this problem. So weird because I've bled less in the last 16 hours than in the last 5 weeks. I just want it to end.


Catsycat Thu 30-Jun-11 11:09:23

Hi, I had ERPC yesterday after very bad bleeding, and some material getting stuck. They considered giving me the oral tablets first, but were able to get me into theatre earlier than expected so didn't give me them in the end. They were slightly uncertain about the tablets, as I had a failed induction of labour with DD1 - three lots of pessaries and on day on syntocinon, and I only got to 2-3cm dilated. They were unsure if this would have a bearing on the medical management.

I was told with the IOL that 5% of women do not respond to the treatment - I was one of those. I guess there is the potential for the same to happen with misoprostal, but it is just a guess, and I'm not a doctor or anything...

Sorry that probably wasn't much help, but didn't want to leave you with no response.

So sorry for what you are going through - you have been waiting a really long time for this to be resolved physically. Did they say what would happen if there is still tissue left? Would it be an ERPC? As I said, I had that yesterday and it honestly was not too bad in the scheme of things.

Good luck xx

kat2504 Thu 30-Jun-11 11:13:30

I would second the advice to go for an ERPC if you can. I had a medically managed m/c at 9 weeks and I was told that it might fail in up to 30% of cases! Fortunately it worked for me but was pretty horrendous. Apparently is is better at 9 weeks or below.
Last year I had to have an ERPC at 11 weeks and it was very straightforward, over in less than an hour, 5 days of bleeding afterwards.

Sorry about your loss and I hope it is all over soon for you.

crossjoss Fri 01-Jul-11 11:55:21

I agree, go for the ERPC if you can. I had an incomplete miscarriage at 7 weeks recently. I went in for medical management a few days later but even with the 2nd lot of pessaries nothing happened. DH and I just spent the day in the hospital waiting and waiting. I was rescanned the next morning and then had an ERPC that afternoon. It was quick, I knew nothing about it, I was home that evening and there wasn't much bleeding after. The staff told me later (not sure why they didn't mention it at the time) that medical management often fails and you need to have an ERPC anyway.
Sorry you've had to go through this, it is awful. On a positive note though I am now 9 weeks pregnant - I got pregnant 2 months after the miscarriage and had a scan this week that showed a good heartbeat and everything looking okay.

Catsycat Fri 01-Jul-11 21:29:41

Oh crossjoss I'm really happy for you. What lovely news.

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