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period after ectopic

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soooobroody Wed 22-Jun-11 16:13:33

Hi i had an ectopic preg on the 10th may which resulted in removal of my left tube .I havent had a period yet is this normal (i was advised 4wks after surgery).I am defo not preg as we have used protection . I am eager to start ttc (dont have time on my hands am nearly 37 ) my doc told me to wait one cycle .


KnitterNotTwitter Wed 22-Jun-11 16:28:26

Hi.. I was in your position 14 months ago... i'm so sorry that you've been through it too.

For my my WTF ('what the fuck' cycle - the first one after the removal) was about 6 weeks but I had two lots of bleeding before I actually felt that AF had arrived. I then got pg the next month but sadly lost this at 8 weeks (discovered at 12 weeks). My personal opinion would be that having had a full-on operation you probably should wait one more cycle.. i wish I had as I think my womb hadn't finished healing and that contributed to my miscarriage. Obviously we'll never know but I can't help wondering...

All the best for the future

loopybear Wed 22-Jun-11 19:09:01

I got pregnant 3 cycles after surgery for an ectopic. I was told you could try after one but 2 or 3 would mean my body would have recovered better.

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