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RickGhastley Tue 21-Jun-11 21:51:58

Sadly am miscarrying at the moment, I've been here before so I'm certain this is what is happening.

I was wondering whether I have to see my GP for a referral to the EPU (you can't self refer here) to check when/if the MC is complete? Or do I just assume that once the bleeding has stopped and I've had a -ve PG test that the M/C is complete?

I'd really like to NOT have to keep calling for a GP appointment then wait for ages at the EPU as happened last time!

Thanks for any advice

Wormshuffler Wed 22-Jun-11 07:06:09

Sorry you are going through this Rickghastley, When I had my MC I had to go to the EPU and have an examination, I had been bleeding over a week then had a "complete MC" where the whole thing came out. I was told to bring it in, they checked it really was it, and then the obstetrition checked my cervix apparently to check it was fully closed with nothing around it that could cause infection.
I think the only thing for you to do unfortunately is indeed to make an appointment for the GP. Mine was really good and the receptionist then chased up the epu appointment.
Sorry again sad

RickGhastley Wed 22-Jun-11 18:38:44

Thanks worm, looks like I need to see the GP!

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