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Bad experience

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VikkieSh Sat 18-Jun-11 15:31:50

I have recently has a miscarriage and after reading many stories on this site I wanted to share my story - and reassure others that they are not alone.
I found out that I was preganant after trying for a year - no periods, had basically given up. After coming off the pill after 15 years doc said I needed to be be patient!
It was such a surprise - but made me more happy than I have been in my life. I was sent for a scan very early to try and date the pregnancy. I was told it was about 6/7 weeks and there was a very faint flutter - a heart beat. Fantastic!
About a week after my scan I began bleeding. Immediately phoned the midwife who said it was nothing and not to worry. Next day - called docs, said the same thing. Next day went to drop in centre - same thing. Next day - demanded to see GP - reluctantly saw me and made me appt at the EPU - but not until the next day.
I had another scan - no sac and no baby. To say I was devastated doesn't quite describe how I felt.
I was taken to a small cupboard like room full of leaflets on miscarriage - whithout anyone saying a word to me in the scan room. I was handed a leaflet, told what the scan showed and told to go home and wait for bleeding to stop. (I was shell shocked to say the least).
The next day I was rushed into hospital in severe pain and put onto a drip and heavy pain killers. I was told something about my cervix being closed and lots of clots being stuck - so I had some sort of procedure - I don't really know what they did as I was so spaced out from the pain killers. (But the consultant was so kind and very concerned about me) I was then sent home with some more information and some painkillers.
I am shocked at the treatment I recieved - I know little can be done to stop a miscarriage. But the fact that nobody would listen to me when I knew what was happening was very distressing. Also being sent home after that scan with a leaflet - in total shock and not having a clue what was going to happen was very harrowing indeed. The first people to show any kindness or concern for me were the ambulance men who picked me up when I was rushed to A+E.
There needs to be a better procedure in place for women who go through this. It is so hard to uderstand what is happening. I have a wonderful husband - but still felt alone and that nobody cared about me or my baby.
I am on the mend now - but I will never forget the way I was treated.

weblette Sat 18-Jun-11 15:53:44

sad How awful that you were treated so coldly Vikkie.
When you're feeling able to, contact the hospitals PALS people and complain.

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