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Bleeding post m/c

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Jan9ne Mon 13-Jun-11 23:22:10

I had a m/c 5 weeks ago and the bleeding stopped 4 weeks ago. I am pretty certain i ovulated 2 weeks ago. Last sat - so just over a week ago (a week after i think i ov) i have been bleeding. It's not a period as the flow is too light - i only need a mini-pad plus i have no period symptoms eg flow getting heavier, slight cramping etc etc. The bleeding has now been going on for well over a week and my period is generally 5 days max. I have been having the odd small clot. When i had a scan - 4 and a bit weeks ago they said the m/c was complete so i am a little bemused as to why i have this bleeding especially as it stopped for 2 weeks following m/c. Hormones perhaps? This is my 4 th loss and i haven't had this before.

Hunterswish Tue 14-Jun-11 06:52:11

I am sorry about your loss sad
I would not like to suggest either way what it could be, have you checked with your Dr? It may be slightly longer as your body adjusts or could be for another reason, it is hard to tell.
Maybe you should check with your Dr and maybe get some further advice on why you have suffered 4 losses?
Wish you all the best
Take care

crochetcircle Tue 14-Jun-11 08:48:57

jan9ne so sorry for your losses.

I had a very long first period after my mmc last year - I can't remember exactly but it was over a week. It was a natural mc rather than an ERPC.

My was different to yours, in that it was heavier than normal rather than lighter, but I thought you might want to know it took 3 months for mine to return to normal. I called my EPU and they saw me for a scan just to check things out. Perhaps you could try that if you are worried. My cycles also shortened to 28 days, and periods were much more painful.

Good luck.

Jan9ne Tue 14-Jun-11 10:50:03

Thanks ladies - during the night i had v bad cramping and had to take ibuprofen and the flow has got heavier - much more like a period so i am wondering if this is now turning into a period. Hope so!
Hunterswish i actually have an appt at the recurrent m/c clinic next week so will see what they have to say. Probably not much as i have a three year old daughter and am getting on a bit - 39...

Hunterswish Tue 14-Jun-11 15:17:59

oh hush.....your not old ! I am 40 and there are many women out there that are blessed in their 40's smile..hope goes well with the clinic and hope you start to feel better smile
Take care
Old girl signing out grinp

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