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Any one got any experience of miscarriage clinics?

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faintpositive Mon 13-Jun-11 18:08:21

Im booked into Liverpool and ive got some questions if you dont mind smile

digitalgirl Tue 14-Jun-11 15:21:01

I'm in London so I've been seen at my local rmc at the Whittington. I've also gone to The Miscarriage Clinic on Harley St after all the tests on the nhs came back clear.
After 3 miscarriages the nhs tested me for anti-phospholipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulant and had a full thrombophilia screening (Leiden factor v and mthr (sp?)). I had to wait one cycle post-mc before they would do the above tests - but got the results within 3 weeks.
I had my thyroid and day 3 hormone levels checked (results within a few days), plus a full u/s scan of my uterus to check for physical abnormalities.
My DH and I had our chromosomes checked for genetic problems. This took 10 weeks to get the results.
After my fourth miscarriage I went to The Miscarriage Clinic where they tested me for high levels of anti-nuclear antibodies, thyroid antibodies and nk cells. I was diagnosed with high nk cells.

Hope that helps.

OracleInaCoracle Tue 14-Jun-11 15:30:08

lots of experience, both LWH and RSH. fire away.

faintpositive Tue 14-Jun-11 16:11:46

Have had loads of tests there and they have all come back normal.

Ive just had a very faint positive and phoned them.
They bustled around getting me an appointment for the end of the week, and were rather adamant that i should go in.

Im glad about this, becuse if/when this goes tits up, they will be monitoring and may have a better understanding about why i miscarry so much.
But wondered (forgot to ask) what is it they will do at this appointment?

digitalgirl Tue 14-Jun-11 19:27:36

faintpositive congrats on the faint positive! When I got a bfp after three mc's they asked me to come in for a scan around 6 weeks and said if I wanted to I could take low dose aspirin. I went in at 5.5 and all measured well but as it was too early to detect a heartbeat they offered me another scan a week later. I had the option of weekly scans up till 12 weeks. Unfortunately I didn't make it past 8 weeks. I had an erpc where they sent tissue samples of the baby for genetic testing.

RachieJosie Wed 15-Jun-11 15:39:54

After three pregnancy losses - one ectopic, one missed miscarriage and one at 21 weeks I started to attend a repeat miscarriage clinic. I am aware these are not a 'normal' set of miscarriages but I cannot rate the care I received highly enough (QCCH, London).
I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and aware that many suffering probably don't want to hear from folks like me BUT if you do get the opportunity the get that support from a clinic do go. As I was attending the clinic I was offered to be monitored for some of their current research into miscarriage (an opportnity I wouldn't have heard about otherwise). This meant I was provided with ovulation kits, had a small sample taken from the lining of my womb (meant to stimulate conception) this was done the month I got pregnant again. From the point I learnt about this current pregnancy (3wks after conception) I had a weekly scan up until 12 weeks, I have been able to call and talk to my specialists there throughout, I was put on Clexane to help strengthen the placenta and was monitored past week 12 by the associated Prem clinic.
I cannot claim I haven't worried intensely during this pregnancy, but the support these clinics can offer and the battery of testing they can offer does give hope and helped me feel very much that I was not alone and that everything was being done this time to give this baby every possible chance of survival.
Very very best of luck to anyone who has found themselves on this thread.

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