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How long does the bleeding last?

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DizzyKipper Fri 03-Jun-11 07:50:06

I started miscarrying early Tuesday morning with severe pains, and the bleeding started Tuesday night. I went to the hospital on Wednesday, and whilst I was there the doctor gave me a smear test (does anyone else find this odd?) which also caused LOTS of blood to pour out onto an inco sheet she had beneath me. I couldn't see how much blood there was as she'd bundled it up to try to prevent it from going all over the place but I could see it all over the sides of the sheet. Later that day, still with heavy bleeding I also had what I think was the egg sac fall out of me.
Now this morning there's barely any blood on the tampon. I was only 5weeks 3 days, so could that be all the bleeding done already? Or do you think it might start up again? I hadn't really had any pains since the egg sac fell out, before that the pain had been pretty extreme.

starvinmarvin Fri 03-Jun-11 08:49:17

Hi dizzykipper, I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage last Thursday night/Friday morning-like yours, very heavy bleeding from the outset- couldn't move from the loo. My bleeding slowed to a smear after the initial heavy bleeding, but now depending on how much I do in a day, it can be heavy (with large clots) or slow. It's seems to be tailing off, but each day is different. I've read that it can take 10 to stop. The hospital also advised me to use towels, not tampons- something to do with risk of infection...

DizzyKipper Fri 03-Jun-11 09:09:48

Thanks starvinmarvin. I'm not feeling too great the doctor didn't bother telling me about tampons and the risk of infection - I even mentioned having used tampons to her. I'll switch to towels.

PieMistress Fri 03-Jun-11 09:15:00

hi dizzy, sorry to hear about your loss. It really sucks doesn't it sad

I had a m/c on the 9th May and had very heavy bleeding for a couple of days (including passing the 'sac') and have been lightly spotting ever since (varying colours from dark brown to bright red). I'm also still showing a positive pregnancy test which is so fustrating. I was 7 weeks when I m/c so I had hoped it would clear through my system quite quickly but that doesn't appear to be the case as it was nearly a month ago.

I'm going to call the ERPC on Monday if it hasn't stopped.

I would wear liners or something for a few days just so you can gauge what's going to happen then maybe do a pregnancy test after 2 weeks? xx

kat2504 Fri 03-Jun-11 11:22:57

I'm sorry for your loss and also that your doctor hasn't been very good at telling you what is going on. After my first m/c my bleeding stopped and then started up again quickly and heavily. I was scared, it was the night, I ended up needlessly in the hospital. If I had beeen given better information I would have known that it can be stop-start for a few weeks.
The advice about towels is correct. Normally the risk of infection with tampons is very very rare (as you will have read on the insert leaflets) and with appropriate hygiene, you are unlikely to get an infection. But after a miscarriage your cervix is open while you are still bleeding so you need to avoid getting anything into your uterus. That's why you aren't supposed to have sex for two weeks either.

The most likely scenario is that your heavy bleeding will be over but you will have some light bleeding and spotting for a little while perhaps.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

FirstTimeMam2011 Fri 03-Jun-11 17:42:39

I'm sorry to hear your loss Dizzy.

I miscarried recently, the bleeding went on for 2 weeks exactly.

The nurse told me not to use tampons and use pads. Not sure why, but I didn't argue.

It was the worst time of my life. After feeling so high and excited to be pg, the loss is devastating.

Thinking of you. x

helenlouisey Fri 03-Jun-11 18:10:51

So sorry to hear of all of your loss, it is such a hard time. My miscarriage started last Thursday lunchtime, I was 6+ 6 weeks, I passed a few small clots, then by Friday morning I had bad cramping and passed a huge mass, about 7 cm x 2 cms, and bleed quite a bit that day and Saturday, by Sunday it has started easing but by Monday night it had started again, and I bled quite a bit on Tuesday and wednesday, a scan on Wednesday showed I still had some material to pass and yesterday morning I passed what looked like the sac, but I didn't look too closely. Yesterday afternoon and evening the bleeding stopped, then started again over night, and I passed more material this morning, not much just a few clots. Then this afternoon I stopped bleeding and have just started bleeding lightly this evening again.

I dont know how long I will continue to bleed for but am relieved to hear that others have had this stop/ start bleeding, as it was really worrying me. I guess the body still is trying to expel some tissue?

I think it is so worrying the lack of information that they provide you with such as not using tampons, I just guessed this would be the case as it was what I was told after giving birth so suspected it was the same after a miscarriage. I also think it's terrible that no information is given on what is normal and what to expect, it is such a worrying time, clear information would be invaluable.

ShimmeryPixie Sat 04-Jun-11 15:35:32

I was also told that I should avoid tampons (and sex and swimming and baths) until the bleeding had stopped as having an open cervix during/just after miscarriage makes you prone to infection. I was also given a pregnancy test to do after 10 days (as HCG levels should be zero by then). If it comes up positive I have to contact them as it would indicate an incomplete miscarraige which might require an ERPC to solve.

Twiga Sat 04-Jun-11 16:01:47

Dizzy, sorry for your loss. The honest answer to your question is that it really varies. When I mc I had heavy blood loss and pain for couple days then it settled down and was more likely a period, think was about 12 days in total.

Piemistress, please forgive me for asking but are you sure that you've def lost the baby? I only ask because what you're describing sounds a lot like the experience I had with my youngest dd. Having mc previously I couldn't even imagine with the bleeding I had that I hadn't lost the baby. I went to the epu straight away and scan showed baby was still hanging on in there. They said that there was what was effectively a bruise at the implantation site and that the blood was from there. I spotted on and off after that until nearly 22 weeks. Had never bled with my other of apart from when mc so it was a bit disconcerting and stressful. The other reason I ask is it seems strange to be still showing a positive test a month on from what would be classed an early mc. Hope you don't mind me sharing and please don't take offence. Def get seen at your local epu asap.

PieMistress Sat 04-Jun-11 17:46:10

Hi twiga, no offence taken at all! I had an internal scan on the 2nd May and she said the baby was 5/6 weeks when it should have been 7 weeks. That day I passed 2 very large clots and had v.heavy bleeding. Had another scan a week later and had a stomach scan and they said my uterus was definitely empty? The tests are getting lighter and lighter in the strength of the lines though although the spotting isn't really dwindling.

I spoke to the EPU today and have an appt for first thing Tuesday. They are more concerned about the + test than the spotting as said my cycle could be messed up for a while and I might need my GP to give me something to 'kick start' my cycle again. Ho Hum!

Thanks for your thoughts xx

Twiga Sat 04-Jun-11 18:29:04

Hope you get some answers Tuesday and that things settle down after what has no doubt been a rough month. Take care x

PieMistress Tue 07-Jun-11 12:30:32


Well the spotting turned into heavier bleeding on Sunday night. At the scan today they said there is still 1cm of tissue left that needs to either come out or be reabsorbed. They wouldn't do a D&C as it's so small and could easily be missed. Got given some antibiotics and an appt for 2 weeks time (am on hoiday next week so can't go). The test is still + but they said it can sometimes take weeks to turn negative.

Fingers crossed by the time I have to go my body will be on the road to recovery. It has been so drawn out - I started spotting on the 2nd May, miscarried the 'sac' on the 9th May and have been bleeding/spotting ever since! I'm 40 next year and starting to fret sad

Hope you are all well xx

LIG1979 Tue 07-Jun-11 12:39:03

Hi piemistress,

just read your story - i had a similar thing - eventually had an ERPC 6.5 weeks after the mc started as there was a tiny bit left that didn't clear on its' own. it was very frustrating as 2 weeks after the mc there was a little left and i waited for it to be reabsorbed/leave on its' own accord and it never happened although i got a tiny bit of spotting that never stopped. next time i will push for an erpc quicker but thought that if i could do it naturally it would be best...but never realised it would go on for so long. (Was also encouraged at the epu it would sort itself out on its' own.)

Good luck - i hope the saga is over for you soon and you can start to get back to normal. I am now 15 days post ERPC and praying for my 1st AF or BFP to happen as quickly as possible. x

PieMistress Tue 07-Jun-11 12:59:12

Hi LIG, I hope that you get your BFP and not AF smile

They were really really good at the EPU with what I should do next and I think, given i've already had a CS, I'll wait another 2 weeks. They said they couldn't guarantee they would get it all out with a ERPC anyway and could still miss it, however if it is still there in a fortnight I won't be happy! I've been bleeding heavily for 2 days now so am really hoping this is it on it's way, or the antibiotics get rid of it.

I had no idea either it could go on this long! I thought it would be over in 2 weeks - little did I know sad x

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