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Physically after an ERPC (possible TMI)

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whatsoever Tue 31-May-11 15:23:52

I had an ERPC last Tuesday (a week ago today) after discovering a MMC at the 12 weeks scan the day before. Initially I felt fine physically, which felt like a blessing as I could get on with confronting the emotional pain.

However the last few days I have had some niggly pains etc and was wondering what other peoples' experiences were, to try and work out if I should bother with a doctors appointment or if things seem normal and will go away of their own acord in time.

After the op, I woke up with period pain type cramping and was bleeding like a light to medium period. The pain got worse and the hospital gave me codeine which sorted me out.

The following day I had no bleeding and only very mild cramps which paracetamol sorted. Since then I have had the ocassional paracetamol or ibuprofen and some brownish discharge but no real bleeding and certainly not red blood. However I have a bit of discomfort on going to the loo (number 1 or number 2!) I wouldn't call it pain - it is just discomfort - and a bit of discomfort if a prod myself in the lower abdomen on one side.

None of these things are unmanageable, just niggly - has anyone experienced anything similar, and if so did it need attention or fade in time as you would expect following surgery? I am keen to get "back to normal" e.g. exercise, TTC again etc but don't want to jump back into things too soon if I am either not healed yet or need some more medical attention.

lilyrose82 Tue 31-May-11 16:15:36

Hi Whatsoever,

sorry for your loss. I had an ERPC 4 weeks ago tomorrow, so I know what your going through.

I was the same, bleeding stopped the day after and had period like pains but about 4/5 days later the pain got worse. Turned out I had an infection. Pain after is normal but if it gets worse or doesn't feel right, then get yourself checked out.

We started trying again straight after I came off the antibiotics. Waiting for either my AF or a positive pregnancy test result!!

Good luck to you xx

LIG1979 Tue 31-May-11 16:16:08

Hello whatsoever,
I had an ERPC on Monday so a day before you and like you didn't get much blood at all. (Started to miscarry on 9th April so there wasn't too much left.) Since then I have had a little pink (not brown) spotting and the occassional wierd feeling - not pain but almost like nervous rumblings. Started dtd on Friday (was late and a little tipsy) and there was a little bit more spotting a few hours later but not much. Then I exercised on Saturday and that was fine and I think really helped me as I am not feeling anything wierd or spotting anymore.

I know we are all different but that was my experience so far post ERPC. (Just want to be normal again!!) Good luck.

whatsoever Fri 03-Jun-11 13:08:19

Thanks lilyrose and LIG

Things seem to have improved since I posted. No more bleeding or blood tinged discharge. Feel better in my mood and haven't cried for several days which feels like a revelation.

Cramps gone. Discomfort when going to the loo almost gone. Abdominal pains definitely gone.

Discussed TTC again with DH and building ourselves up for getting back to it next week...

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