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suspected ectopic pregnacy ended up pregnacy unknow location

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Tennerlady Fri 27-May-11 14:43:58

hi i had suspected ectopic pregnacy on 27/4/11 and they could not find the baby it wasnt in tube as they thought and was not in uterus they did d&c anyway and left it as PUL (pregnancy unknown location) the thing is iv still not bleed at all or passed anything my hcg levels are back to 0 and negative pregnancy test. I attended epu on 14/5 as still having pains in stomach but they think that is from the surgery and did swabs and put me on anitbiotics. My stomach still looks swollen when should i expect to have a period my doctors said should be anytime

minmooch Fri 27-May-11 19:59:41

I have not experienced an ectopic pregnancy but did not want your post to go unanswered. I have suffered 8 miscarriages and had stillborn Id twin girls. After each loss I went on to have the next period between 4 and 5 weeks after. I know that lots of women do take quite a few weeks if not a couple of months for their bodies to get back to normal.

The good news is that your hcg levels are back to 0 so your body should get back to normal fairly soon.

Wishing you gentle days and so sorry for your loss.

loopybear Wed 08-Jun-11 20:04:03

Hi my first miscarriage was diagosed as pregnancy of unknown location. They scanned me for a long time and found nothing but bloods definately showed I was miscarrying (as they were falling and returned to zero). My second ectopic (my first was an emergency op situation) initially they couldn't find it so termed it pregnancy of unknown location because my consultant wanted to save the remaining tube I had left she recanned me a week later as my hcg was rising (not doubling) she then found it and treated me medically. After surgery my first period took about 8 weeks but I had all the PMS symptoms as normal from 4 weeks, After my first period each time my cycle has settled back down. The ectopic pregnancy trust website has some good info on it. Just remember you have been through a lot physically and emotionally and your body will heal but things may take time to settle down.

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