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What do you do whilst waiting for early pregnancy scan?

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McG85 Wed 04-May-11 17:25:49

I've approx 7 weeks at the moment and just come back from the GP's due to bleeding and cramps, fearing the worst but now have to wait for the scan to see for sure, any tips on what to do until then? - really stressed and confused

Jan9ne Wed 04-May-11 19:23:30

Hi there, sorry to hear about your situation. I had similar this weekend just past. Slight bleeding, no cramps. Hosp did blood test and found HcG ok, progesterone borderline which can mean a number of things including ectopic. Having lost a tube due to a ruptured ectopic this really freaked us out. All the hosp could offer us was a 6 day wait for a scan. Well there was no way we could wait, it was absolutely awful so we paid 99 quid for private scan which we could ill-afford. The scan showed that pg was not ectopic but is failing, sadly. Please don't take this to mean that your pregnancy is failing especially as the bleeding i had was actually unrelated to the pg. i am now waiting to m/c as the hosp won't diagnose as failing for another 10 days. Had NHS scan yesterday. have another next week.
So - you can wait or if you can afford it have a private scan.
My heart goes out to you - the waiting is awful.
You can read the boards and you will no doubt have lots of responses to your message from women who had bleeding and went on to have healthy pg.
With my DD i had bleeding and clots at 8 weeks and she is now a very healthy 3 year old.
Wishing you all the best.
Let us know how you get on.

LIG1979 Wed 04-May-11 20:35:41

Hello McG85,

I am so sorry for what you are going through. How long do you have to wait for a scan? I am not sure what you can do - there is still hope and so you don't want to do anything that can harm it 'just in case' - having said that i did have a glass of wine as i thought either way it 1 won't hurt. I know saying try to relax is not the best advice as the wait I had for my scan was the longest 15 hours of my life. (Couldn't eat or sleep or even concentrate on TV.)

In a wierd way when I got to the scan the only option was a good option - I almost wanted to know either way - if it had been good news I would have been ecstatic but I was happy to at least know it had all gone wrong so at least I could stop worrying.

Whatever the outcome - things do get better - 3 weeks on I have good hours and bad hours and with time there are more good hours than bad ones. But it is a horrible time with the waiting when you don't know what is going on.

Sending you lots of hugs and remember there are good stories. Try posting on the pregnancy board and lots people will be able to reassure you. As Ja9ne said let us know how you get on - hopefully you will be one of those who leave us here and go back to the pregnancy boards again!

McG85 Tue 21-Jun-11 11:42:45

Sorry its taken so long to reply, just to let you know that I lost the baby a couple of days after. On the plus side, the scan showed everything had come away so nothing further needed to be done and I have healthy ovaries!

Thanks for your kind words, they really helped.


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