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Recurrent MC--Testing and beyond--Part 5 continues here

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LAF77 Mon 02-May-11 09:23:42

Here is the list of us on the thread and where we are in our journey through RMC. Nearly 4,000 posts in a year, so mark your place for the next thread.

Part one Part one

Part two Part two

Part three Part three

Part four Part four

LOLA78: mc1 Dec 07 (6wks), DD Oct 08 (problem free pregnancy and natural birth), mmc2 Nov 10 6wks ERPC at 10wks, mc3 Feb 11 at 7wks - suspected ectopic but mc naturally, mc4 mar 11 at 5wks (started 75mg aspirin from a week before bfp) - hospitalised for excessive bleeding and clots. Now referred for testing at local fertility clinic, we have started having blood tests and am on 5mg folic acid.
SCOOTERCHASTER: DS Oct 08 (managed for SVT heart from 35wks), mc1 Sept 10 (7wks), mc2 Dec 10 (9 wks - hb @ 8wks), mc3 April 11 (7.5 wks, hb day b4 mc).
HAIRYLIGHTS, age 42, MC1 (Jun 10, very low HCG, suspected ectopic, methotrexate), MC 2 (Nov 22 2010, MMC,ERPC, no heart beat at ten weeks, fetus 8 week size), MC3 (MMC - Medical Management, Feb 13 2011, MMC at 7 week scan). Waiting to TTC
PANDA 3MMC, no.1 (embryonic loss - empty sac) 7weeks, no.2 at 12 weeks, no.3 at 8 weeks. Awaiting raft of tests for recurrent MC
CLAIREDELOON Age 38 1st mmc, development stopped approx 5 weeks (2007), 2nd mmc development stopped at approx 6 weeks (2009), 3rd mc development stopped at 9 weeks after seeing hb at 8+3 (2010). Bicornate uterus, starting testing Feb 2011.
NOTSOBARRENBROOK Age 35. 1st mmc @ 6 weeks (Jan 2009), 2nd mmc @ 6 weeks (Jan 2010), 3rd mmc @ 11 weeks, development stopped at 6 weeks 3 days (March 2010), 4th mmc @ 5 weeks (August 2010). Possible adenomyosis, awaiting hsg and results of testing from St Mary's.
MILKYWAY2007 Age 28 - DD age 3. 1st MC Oct 2009, 6 weeks. 2nd MMC March 2010, 11 weeks (baby passed away at 7 weeks). 3rd MC July 2010, 6 weeks. 4th MMC 24 Jan 2011, 9 weeks - no amniotic sac, baby measured 7weeks 4 days, no HB, had seen a healthy HB at 7 weeks. Blood clotting, hormone, genetic karyotype and shape and health of uterus checked and all clear. High dose folic acid prescribed.
LUCKYFOR2 Age 32 - DD age 5. DD age 3. 1st MC May 2010 found at 12 week scan passed away at 9 weeks. 2nd MC September 2010 natural at 8 weeks. 3nd MC January 2011 at 16 weeks, saw hb at 13 but no hb at 15.5. All tests have come back clear. Going to take Aspirin and Progesterone in next pregnancy (will be on Promise trial) currently ttc.
IGGI999 - Age 40, 3 year old DS. 3 MC last year, at 6, 8 and 8 weeks. Last two had hb detected. NHS blood tests came back clear, except for presence of antinuclear antibodies. To take aspirin for this. Going to see Shehata in May as think steroids are needed.
CONFU3ED - Age 35 1st MC 1998 14 weeks. DD age 11. 2nd MC July 2009 5.5 weeks. ERPC Twice. No tests. 6 months Clomid 3rd MC January 2010. The foetus sent for testing - came back fine. Been referred to recurrent MC clinic at the hospital for tests, waiting for appointment. Was told I have PCOS through a scan but never diagnosed.

HAVINGKITTENS Age 41 - MMC1 Nov 07 8wks (discovered due to bleeding at 10.5wks) ERPC, TOP1 for TS21 Aug 08, TOP2 for TS21 Feb 09, TOP incomplete, ERPC performed, Genetic Counselling & tests confirmed no chromosome problems with us, "just bad luck ", MMC2 Feb 10 5.5wks (seen at 8wk scan, no bleeding), MMC3 May 10 (as MMC2), RMC testing at UCH, no cause found - empirical 75mg asprin & vit D + early & regular scans for next pregnancy, MMC4 No fetal pole seen at 6.5 wks, follow up scan 10 days later, told of MMC, then "Something" spotted so instructed to wait another week before they would allow ERPC, ERPC a week later, waiting for NK Cell test results from Mr S on NHS, taking 75mg Asprin, Vit D, Pregnacare Plus (w/Omega 3), 5mg Folic Acid (been taking since 1st TOP to try & prevent TS21 or similar issues), NK Cells levels almost double what they should be. 25mg Prednisone from ovulation - CD1 or if BFP then 'til 12 wks and then weaned off 'til 14wks plus Progesterone pessaries from BFP - 16wks, Folic Acid, Omega3, Vit D - 12wks, Asprin - 20wks.
CRYSTAL5 Age 38 - DS age 4. 6 m/c 1 at 11 weeks, 5 at 5/6 weeks. Ok blood tests, under Endocrinologist for Hypothyroid
LADYBEE 37, MC1 (5wks), DS (2), MC2 blighted ovum discovered @ 8 wk scan, MC3 natural @ 9 wks following hb seen at 7 1/2 wk. PCOS previously diagnosed, Factor V Leiden heterozygote discovered in recent testing. Treatment with aspirin (from BFP) + clexane started at 6 weeks. MC4 MMC @ 8.1 wks (discovered @ 11 wk scan) following hb seen at 6+6 wks. Consultant suggests aspirin + clexane to start at 4 weeks, plus progesterone pessaries. Management of MC tbc.
DIGITALGIRL Age 32 - DS 2.8 - 4MCs since ttc#2. MC1 Nov2009 @5wks. MC2 Apr2010 @6-7wks. MC3 Oct2010 @7-8wks. MC4 Mar2011 @8wks. All natural, except MC4 managed with ERPC for karyotyping. Clotting tests normal. DH & I genetically normal. On Metformin for mild PCOS, plus 75mg aspirin, Pregnacare Plus & 25mcg VitD3. Diagnosed with high NK Cells (1.25) after MC4. Starting TTC in May with prednisolone from ovulation and will add cyclogest once pg. Under care of Mr S.
PUREEQUEEN Age 34, MC1 (7 weeks Jan 08) MC2 (6 weeks March 08), DS born (prem) 2009, MC3 (9 weeks Oct 10). MC4 Jan 2011. First 2 natural mcs latter 2 mmc/ERPCs. Chromosome test MC4 showed she had a genetic abnormality (cri du chat). Karotyping for me and DH fine but with "increase in length on satellite of short arm 13 and 15" (??) . Also have endo &septate uterus. Now TTC and will take aspirin and progesterone.
LAF77 , Age 33, MC1 (7 weeks Apr 10) MC2 (5 weeks Sept 10) MC3 (9 weeks Dec 10). All have been natural mcs and number 1 and 3 were embryonic . No children, First appointment with St. Mary's in April, second round of bloods in May, with results in June.

MATTSMAMA Aged 41. 1st MMC November 2004. My DS (who I love with all my heart) born 2006. 2nd MMC July 2010. 2 chemical pregnancies September and October 2010. Under Dr Shehata and got BFP on first round of treatment for high thyroid antibodies and high killer cells.
BANANA87 Age 30- 1mmc@7 weeks, DD (2), 1 mmc 6 weeks, 1 mc 7 weeks, Going to try aspirin and progesterone as per consultant. Clotting bloods normal.
MUMMYABROAD Age 36, 1DS (2.9), 1MMC Mar 2010 (@14weeks) Ashermans diagnosis and treatment Nov 2010, Started TTC Jan 2011 BFP on Cycle 2 EDD 4/11/11. Heartbeat seen at 10 weeks.
GLITTERYBITS 1 anembryonic MC (12 weeks), unexplained infertility, 1 round of clomid, currently pg and terrified!
JUSTMEE Age 21, MC1 (7 weeks), MC2 (6weeks), MC3 (5weeks) currently pregnant with 4th pregnancy using clexane injecting 20mg a day
LOVELYBUNCHOFCOCONUTS Age 23, 1 MC (13 weeks), 1 MMC (10 weeks - growth stopped at 7), 1DD born 2008, PCOS diagnosis, bi-cornuate uterus. EDD 03/10/11
LOVEMYSLEEP Age 39, 1 mmc, dd born(now 5), 2nd mc (9wks, 2days), 3rd mc (9wks, 3days) and 4th mc at 5 wks. All tests on NHS came back clear. Currently undergoing treatment with Dr.Shehata for very high natural killer cells - aspirin, progesterone, steroids, omezaprole and one intralipid infusion completed.

LUNATIC dd1(4) 2 mmc (8 wks) dd2 stillborn (32+5). Seen at St Mary's. clotting problem, pg #5 aspirin 150g daily. Ds1 born 9/2/11 c/s @ 35 wks
STILLFRAZZLED Age 35, DS1 (3.6yo), 1 mc @ 5 weeks Jan 09, 2nd mc @ 9 weeks March 09, DS2 born @ 35+3 on 04/01/11 with Intra Uterine Growth Restriction but currently home and doing well.
MUMATRON Age 28 2 dc then 4mc, 3 @9weeks 1@5weeks, tests showed possible free protein s ishoo. dd2 born 06/01/2011, aspirin, claxane and high dose folic acid through pg.
JULEZBOO Age 29 1 mc @ 14 wks, DS1 (8yo) 4 mc @ 5/6 wks, DS2 (3) 2 mc @7 wks... DS3 (14/01/11 @35 wks) Dx with Factor V Leiden and Septate Uterus. Clexane and Aspirin throughout pregnancy and progesterone with DS3.

LAF77 Sat 07-May-11 08:11:31

Yay, hairy and I'm glad things are still ok Lola

DH is home and recovering, so I'm happier.

mia1972 Sat 07-May-11 08:34:27

Hello - I am new to this thread...

have just miscarried my second baby in the space of 5 months, the first time was last Dec, this time 8+3, there was no heartbeat... I was also in a hotel room on a work trip abroad - it was really horrible. I was told there that would be best for me to fly back to the UK and deal with it here and I ended up having a natural ms at Heathrow airport the minute I arrived!

I am now 39 years so I decided to see a private consultant...Can anyone reccomend any of the followig:

Dr Raj Rai (Zita West Clinic)

Alternatively Mr.Taranissi at ARGC, Dr. Hassan Shehata, Dr. Amin Gorgy at Wimpole Street & Yau Thum at the Lister (these last 4 docors all do NK cells testing as well as other testing).

My concern is to find a doctor that will test for everything that is available and will not focus on one issue only (whilst I would like to get NK cells testing I would like the doctor not to just focus on that)....

Any reccomandation ?

Thanks ...

igggi Sat 07-May-11 14:00:52

Hi Mia. Sorry about your mcs.
I think all doctors would run a full battery of tests - it wouldn't really be in their interests not to.
I'm not an expert on the doctors, mostly I have heard of people on mumsnet going to see Lesley Regan (St Marys) or Hassan Shehata. But I've heard at least one person speak positively of Dr Gorgy, too. You won't get NK cells done at St Marys though. I suppose in terms of a "good" doctor, we probably just rate the ones that lead to us walking away with a baby! I am planning to see Dr Shehata myself. If you have the money I think seeing someone after two mc is sensible, as you know the NHS doesn't consider it a problem till you've had 3.

digitalgirl Sat 07-May-11 22:54:17

congratulations hairy very best of luck this time round.

mia I would suggest reading both Lesley Regan's book and also Dr Alan Beer's book 'Is your body baby friendly?' as both of these books will cover everything that has been researched on recurrent miscarriage to date. St Mary's won't test you for NK Cells, so if you wanted to get that tested as well as everything else I would avoid Raj Rai as he is one of their consultants (although I don't know if he personally suscribes to the immunological causes theory, so he may test for them). After my third miscarriage I had all the same tests for rmc at my local hospital and UCH that they do at St Mary's (apart from the TEG), when all of these came back clear and I miscarried a fourth time I booked a private appointment with Mr Shehata. He took into account my previous results, and tested me for a further three immunological conditions. I was found to have high NK Cells, and I will be starting treatment this cycle. I can't speak for the others on your list, but Mr S and the staff at his private clinic have been very helpful. He is a PCOS expert as well as a rmc specialist and qualified physician so takes a look at your whole medical status. He prescribed me metformin for PCOS when the nhs dismissed my concerns.

As for me, I finally got AF yesterday. Luteal phase is still 15 days long and no spotting prior so looks like body has officially reset itself. Just the long wait for the egg now. Potentially not till CD25, unless Metformin has any effect in shaving a few days off.

mia1972 Sun 08-May-11 08:55:18

Hi Digitalgirl and thanks.

I have just read Lesley Regan's book and now will order Dr Alan Beer's book.

I'll think it through another day or so and then I'l book an appointment ...

Good luck with this treatment with Doc Shehata I really hope it brings you a healthy baby. For myself the bleeding this time seems to be a lot less than the previous mc probably because the embryo was a lot smaller so I am hoping that my body will reset itself sooner as well...

All the best

igggi Sun 08-May-11 14:04:34

Hello. Having a panic about my imminent appointment with doc S. Can anyone who has been tell me, do they give you forms to fill in before you go in, ie should I arrive early? On the website it says appointment takes 20 mins which seems awfully quick. Assume I won't have a scan if I'm out in 20.
Just so determined to get the most out of this. Bet my mind goes blank when I'm there and I can remember no dates etc!

igggi Sun 08-May-11 14:04:35

Hello. Having a panic about my imminent appointment with doc S. Can anyone who has been tell me, do they give you forms to fill in before you go in, ie should I arrive early? On the website it says appointment takes 20 mins which seems awfully quick. Assume I won't have a scan if I'm out in 20.
Just so determined to get the most out of this. Bet my mind goes blank when I'm there and I can remember no dates etc!

digitalgirl Sun 08-May-11 19:43:35

iggi a lot is discussed 20 minutes and that doesn't include having your bloods taken which is taken by a nurse. I wrote down my entire reproductive history - dates of when everything happened, and also a massive list of questions to best make use of the time. I didn't feel as though my appointment was rushed as he allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted and was very thorough with his answers. He also said I could call anytime with further questions. I hope it goes just as smoothly for you. Good luck.

digitalgirl Sun 08-May-11 19:45:54

And there aren't forms to fill in - he does that for you as he's going through your history. The only thing I had to do was my signature to authorise the rest of the payment.

igggi Sun 08-May-11 20:53:58

Oh thanks for that Digital. Have worked self up into a state about it. You know for once I don't think I have many questions as I've kind of lost hope about it all. Maybe seeing doc will change that (which is scary in itself actually). Hope your egg makes an appearance soon smile

Havingkittens Sun 08-May-11 23:25:40

igggi, I was worried about all the same things, as it's always the case that your mind goes blank just as you want to make the most of your opportunity. The good thing is that his secretary and midwife are both really helpful so you can always give them a call afterwards with any questions or concerns. He sees so many of us with similar problems that I think he knows all the the questions that may be raised and so is probably used to being able to cover everything concisely within the 20 mins.

Best of luck with it.

hairylights Mon 09-May-11 18:35:06

Hi all. We get the karyityope and clotting results tomorrow and the complaints lady has suggested to the head of department that we
must see her in person.

For the second time in a row I'll be turning up for a follow up appointment newly pregnant again confused

hairylights Mon 09-May-11 18:36:14

Karyotype. Sorry for typo.

luckyfor2 Mon 09-May-11 18:58:39

Hairy don't worry one bit about being pregnant at your appointment. If there is a genetic problem (which is extremely unlikely) there is nothing they can prescribe to help and if anything comes up re. clotting they will be able to prescribe something straight away as you have only just found out. I know how you feel but in most cases they don't find anything anyway and just tell you to try again. I'm guessing I've just told you stuff you already know but try and relax...wishing you lots of luck tomorow. x

Welcome Mia sorry you find yourself here and that you have had such a horrible time. It sounds like the girls are giving you lots of good advice. The two books suggested are a must for anyone who has sufferred recurrent miscarriages. I hope you get some answers.

kat2504 Tue 10-May-11 09:10:05

Hello ladies I would like to join you as my gp has agreed to refer me to gynae to get the testing started. My most recent mc was just over a week ago so still feeling quite shit but glad that something is going to be done this time.
Perhaps someone will be able to tell me what to expect when I first get referred and what sort of testing they start off with. Will I be waiting a long time do you think?
hairy very pleased to see you have good news and fingers crossed that this will be the lucky one for you.

hairylights Tue 10-May-11 12:15:44

Hi Kat and welcome. Sorry for your loss.

I was told that they will take bloods 6 weeks after a third miscarriage. The NHS will test for blood clotting disorders and for any genetic disorders that you or your partner may carry.

Test results take six weeks to come back, so you are looking at knowing more in about three months.

I've just had my results. I don't have any blood clotting disorders and neither of us carry genetic disorders.

Had a long discussion with the consultant (head of department gynae/obs) and her opinion is it's likely to be genetic issues due to the age of my eggs (for those who don't know I'm forty three).

I'm pregnant again now and I have got a scan booked for 7th June at 8 weeks - but I am not sure if I'll be attending or not. I want to avoid the 'will it be ok/won't it be ok' stress that I've had for the last two pregnancies, with scans at 6, 7, 8 and 10 weeks.

The consultant says for the future (should this not pan out ok) then IVF would be an option, but only with donor eggs, as I am able to get pregnant very quickly and easily.

So today I feel really quite low about things. Partly for having had to go back to the hospital again - I never really ever want to go there again, I hate the place.

I'm not really one for wailing 'it's not fair' but it's not. It's so unfair to be able to get pregnant quickly but that the last three have failed. It's so, so unfair.

igggi Tue 10-May-11 17:46:25

Had my appointment, waiting now for NK cells to come back and a follow-up appointment. Told not to conceive this month which is a bit worrying as we have been trying - stopped now though!

igggi Tue 10-May-11 17:46:27

Had my appointment, waiting now for NK cells to come back and a follow-up appointment. Told not to conceive this month which is a bit worrying as we have been trying - stopped now though!

pureequeen Tue 10-May-11 18:31:17

Hi all and welcome to our new ladies. So sorry for posting and running last week but was away with my family and have not been online.

I really appreciated all the messages of support.

In answer to a few questions, my septate uterus is being investigated further (I made the mistake of googling it...grim reading! Has anyone else had this investigated - is surgery the response in the UK?) and I have also made an appt with Mr S so I am pursing NK testing in parallel with my NHS clinic - both appts are next month. mia I think you were considering doctors - I have also heard good things about Mr Taranisssi. I have to wait 4 weeks between calling and getting a private appt with Mr S.

Welcome kat. my experience with NHS testing is that it will really depend on your clinic. From first appt to getting ALL the tests back will be about 12 weeks - made longer by a few administrative cock ups, not at all the fault of the Drs or nurse practitioners who have been very sympathetic and caring.

Laf I think it was you who told a colleague what was happening when he commented on you being slim. Good on you. I had almost the identical conversation with DS's swimming instructor who commented on how thin I was looking and how did I manage to lose weight in just a couple of weeks. I said losing a baby helps or something along those lines and told her everything that had happened. (NB I am NOT thin by any stretch of the imagination, thanks to 5kg weight gain with every first trimester). I am also remarkably frank at work and will be using it as one of the reasons I want to cut down to 3 days/week - am preparing my case this week, have taken a few days holiday to think about things.

Thinking of you hairy. it is so so unfair - I agree. iggi keep us posted on your results.

Hello to everyone else I have missed. (going to be off line again for a few days - heading away again). Look forward to hearing from everyone when I'm back.

freelancegirl Wed 11-May-11 10:17:41

Hi everyone, I am lurking and reading - just don't have anything to post until I get an appointment with Dr S and start ttcing again, and who knows when that will be. But just been alerted to a new piece of research on raised thyroid antibodies that some of you might be interested in. There are lot of medical speak but essentially it concludes that:

What is already known on this topic

Thyroid autoantibodies are relatively common in women of reproductive age

Thyroid autoimmunity might be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes

What this study adds

In women with normal thyroid function and thyroid autoantibodies the risk of miscarriage is more than tripled and the risk of preterm birth is doubled

Treatment with levothyroxine can halve the risk of miscarriage in women with normal thyroid function and thyroid autoantibodies

Here is the full report:

Good luck with testing everyone, and sorry to be a lurker with not much to say at the moment. Am sure at some point I will be back here in full force! xx

Julezboo Wed 11-May-11 21:31:33

Popping by to say hello ladies! Lots of new BFP's congrats to you all. I will catch up with part 4 later tonight.

I have NO time to post much anymore... I wouldnt change it for the worl but my boys are very trying at the moment, older two fighting, Oliver has milk allergy and reflux and doesnt seem to sleep longer than 20 mins. Wearing me out tbh and I have been dx with PND sad

I will catch up with part 4 and post a longer post later x

luckyfor2 Thu 12-May-11 15:26:07

hairy sorry your meeting with the consultant didn't go as planned. It is very unfair that you can get pregnant easily and then the worse has happenned three times and I totally understand why you wouldn't want to go through the heart ache of scans this time round. When you have been through what we all have scans are not very nice and its only after the scan has been confirmed ok that we relax and that is short lived. One of my friends who is in her 40s was in a similar situation to you and she did decide to use donar eggs and ivf but she had quite a few mc and all v.early - no hbs. The only advice I have is to try and be positive now while you are pg, I know the consultant has said that your age is against you but there are lots of women who do have healthy babies in their 40s so there is a very good chance that this bean will stick and be healthy. How are you feeling today? guessing taking it day by day. Thinking of you x

Sorry you're having a rough time julezboo the early days are very hard, hope you're getting some support. x

All same with me, had another scan this pm and all OK thank god, sitting and waiting for the scan is really hard and I'm constantly weighing up D&C/medical management in case it all goes wrong again! But thankfully we're good as of today and measuring 8.3 which is spot on.

Hugs to everyone

igggi Thu 12-May-11 15:56:14

Really pleased you've had a good scan smile. Bet not many others waiting for a scan who were thinking about d&c, it's our curse isn't it.
Nice to see Julezboo, always good to remember there CAN be a happy ending!

igggi Thu 12-May-11 15:56:16

Really pleased you've had a good scan smile. Bet not many others waiting for a scan who were thinking about d&c, it's our curse isn't it.
Nice to see Julezboo, always good to remember there CAN be a happy ending!

confu3ed Thu 12-May-11 22:25:09

Big congrats Hairy.

Well I am back TTC once more, been given 3 more months of clomid and fingers crossed will get a BFP with a sticky one soon!

My GP advised me that I can take low dose asprin but that there is ni real evidence about it. So can someone please tell me if this is just regular asprin that you take? When I asked about progesterone he said that this is something that used to be prescribed but has not been for 20 years due to birth genital defects but that IVF docs are now prescribing it in much lower doses, so really confused about that now. He advised me to TTC until December and if no BFP then a referral to yet another infertility specialist he did say that NHS funding for IVF is not an option due to my age so fingers crossed the clomid works. Just pray I don't have any more miscarriages as taking a year to conceive is a lifetime especially when it all ends in tears!

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