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Recurrent MC--Testing and beyond--Part 5 continues here

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LAF77 Mon 02-May-11 09:23:42

Here is the list of us on the thread and where we are in our journey through RMC. Nearly 4,000 posts in a year, so mark your place for the next thread.

Part one Part one

Part two Part two

Part three Part three

Part four Part four

LOLA78: mc1 Dec 07 (6wks), DD Oct 08 (problem free pregnancy and natural birth), mmc2 Nov 10 6wks ERPC at 10wks, mc3 Feb 11 at 7wks - suspected ectopic but mc naturally, mc4 mar 11 at 5wks (started 75mg aspirin from a week before bfp) - hospitalised for excessive bleeding and clots. Now referred for testing at local fertility clinic, we have started having blood tests and am on 5mg folic acid.
SCOOTERCHASTER: DS Oct 08 (managed for SVT heart from 35wks), mc1 Sept 10 (7wks), mc2 Dec 10 (9 wks - hb @ 8wks), mc3 April 11 (7.5 wks, hb day b4 mc).
HAIRYLIGHTS, age 42, MC1 (Jun 10, very low HCG, suspected ectopic, methotrexate), MC 2 (Nov 22 2010, MMC,ERPC, no heart beat at ten weeks, fetus 8 week size), MC3 (MMC - Medical Management, Feb 13 2011, MMC at 7 week scan). Waiting to TTC
PANDA 3MMC, no.1 (embryonic loss - empty sac) 7weeks, no.2 at 12 weeks, no.3 at 8 weeks. Awaiting raft of tests for recurrent MC
CLAIREDELOON Age 38 1st mmc, development stopped approx 5 weeks (2007), 2nd mmc development stopped at approx 6 weeks (2009), 3rd mc development stopped at 9 weeks after seeing hb at 8+3 (2010). Bicornate uterus, starting testing Feb 2011.
NOTSOBARRENBROOK Age 35. 1st mmc @ 6 weeks (Jan 2009), 2nd mmc @ 6 weeks (Jan 2010), 3rd mmc @ 11 weeks, development stopped at 6 weeks 3 days (March 2010), 4th mmc @ 5 weeks (August 2010). Possible adenomyosis, awaiting hsg and results of testing from St Mary's.
MILKYWAY2007 Age 28 - DD age 3. 1st MC Oct 2009, 6 weeks. 2nd MMC March 2010, 11 weeks (baby passed away at 7 weeks). 3rd MC July 2010, 6 weeks. 4th MMC 24 Jan 2011, 9 weeks - no amniotic sac, baby measured 7weeks 4 days, no HB, had seen a healthy HB at 7 weeks. Blood clotting, hormone, genetic karyotype and shape and health of uterus checked and all clear. High dose folic acid prescribed.
LUCKYFOR2 Age 32 - DD age 5. DD age 3. 1st MC May 2010 found at 12 week scan passed away at 9 weeks. 2nd MC September 2010 natural at 8 weeks. 3nd MC January 2011 at 16 weeks, saw hb at 13 but no hb at 15.5. All tests have come back clear. Going to take Aspirin and Progesterone in next pregnancy (will be on Promise trial) currently ttc.
IGGI999 - Age 40, 3 year old DS. 3 MC last year, at 6, 8 and 8 weeks. Last two had hb detected. NHS blood tests came back clear, except for presence of antinuclear antibodies. To take aspirin for this. Going to see Shehata in May as think steroids are needed.
CONFU3ED - Age 35 1st MC 1998 14 weeks. DD age 11. 2nd MC July 2009 5.5 weeks. ERPC Twice. No tests. 6 months Clomid 3rd MC January 2010. The foetus sent for testing - came back fine. Been referred to recurrent MC clinic at the hospital for tests, waiting for appointment. Was told I have PCOS through a scan but never diagnosed.

HAVINGKITTENS Age 41 - MMC1 Nov 07 8wks (discovered due to bleeding at 10.5wks) ERPC, TOP1 for TS21 Aug 08, TOP2 for TS21 Feb 09, TOP incomplete, ERPC performed, Genetic Counselling & tests confirmed no chromosome problems with us, "just bad luck ", MMC2 Feb 10 5.5wks (seen at 8wk scan, no bleeding), MMC3 May 10 (as MMC2), RMC testing at UCH, no cause found - empirical 75mg asprin & vit D + early & regular scans for next pregnancy, MMC4 No fetal pole seen at 6.5 wks, follow up scan 10 days later, told of MMC, then "Something" spotted so instructed to wait another week before they would allow ERPC, ERPC a week later, waiting for NK Cell test results from Mr S on NHS, taking 75mg Asprin, Vit D, Pregnacare Plus (w/Omega 3), 5mg Folic Acid (been taking since 1st TOP to try & prevent TS21 or similar issues), NK Cells levels almost double what they should be. 25mg Prednisone from ovulation - CD1 or if BFP then 'til 12 wks and then weaned off 'til 14wks plus Progesterone pessaries from BFP - 16wks, Folic Acid, Omega3, Vit D - 12wks, Asprin - 20wks.
CRYSTAL5 Age 38 - DS age 4. 6 m/c 1 at 11 weeks, 5 at 5/6 weeks. Ok blood tests, under Endocrinologist for Hypothyroid
LADYBEE 37, MC1 (5wks), DS (2), MC2 blighted ovum discovered @ 8 wk scan, MC3 natural @ 9 wks following hb seen at 7 1/2 wk. PCOS previously diagnosed, Factor V Leiden heterozygote discovered in recent testing. Treatment with aspirin (from BFP) + clexane started at 6 weeks. MC4 MMC @ 8.1 wks (discovered @ 11 wk scan) following hb seen at 6+6 wks. Consultant suggests aspirin + clexane to start at 4 weeks, plus progesterone pessaries. Management of MC tbc.
DIGITALGIRL Age 32 - DS 2.8 - 4MCs since ttc#2. MC1 Nov2009 @5wks. MC2 Apr2010 @6-7wks. MC3 Oct2010 @7-8wks. MC4 Mar2011 @8wks. All natural, except MC4 managed with ERPC for karyotyping. Clotting tests normal. DH & I genetically normal. On Metformin for mild PCOS, plus 75mg aspirin, Pregnacare Plus & 25mcg VitD3. Diagnosed with high NK Cells (1.25) after MC4. Starting TTC in May with prednisolone from ovulation and will add cyclogest once pg. Under care of Mr S.
PUREEQUEEN Age 34, MC1 (7 weeks Jan 08) MC2 (6 weeks March 08), DS born (prem) 2009, MC3 (9 weeks Oct 10). MC4 Jan 2011. First 2 natural mcs latter 2 mmc/ERPCs. Chromosome test MC4 showed she had a genetic abnormality (cri du chat). Karotyping for me and DH fine but with "increase in length on satellite of short arm 13 and 15" (??) . Also have endo &septate uterus. Now TTC and will take aspirin and progesterone.
LAF77 , Age 33, MC1 (7 weeks Apr 10) MC2 (5 weeks Sept 10) MC3 (9 weeks Dec 10). All have been natural mcs and number 1 and 3 were embryonic . No children, First appointment with St. Mary's in April, second round of bloods in May, with results in June.

MATTSMAMA Aged 41. 1st MMC November 2004. My DS (who I love with all my heart) born 2006. 2nd MMC July 2010. 2 chemical pregnancies September and October 2010. Under Dr Shehata and got BFP on first round of treatment for high thyroid antibodies and high killer cells.
BANANA87 Age 30- 1mmc@7 weeks, DD (2), 1 mmc 6 weeks, 1 mc 7 weeks, Going to try aspirin and progesterone as per consultant. Clotting bloods normal.
MUMMYABROAD Age 36, 1DS (2.9), 1MMC Mar 2010 (@14weeks) Ashermans diagnosis and treatment Nov 2010, Started TTC Jan 2011 BFP on Cycle 2 EDD 4/11/11. Heartbeat seen at 10 weeks.
GLITTERYBITS 1 anembryonic MC (12 weeks), unexplained infertility, 1 round of clomid, currently pg and terrified!
JUSTMEE Age 21, MC1 (7 weeks), MC2 (6weeks), MC3 (5weeks) currently pregnant with 4th pregnancy using clexane injecting 20mg a day
LOVELYBUNCHOFCOCONUTS Age 23, 1 MC (13 weeks), 1 MMC (10 weeks - growth stopped at 7), 1DD born 2008, PCOS diagnosis, bi-cornuate uterus. EDD 03/10/11
LOVEMYSLEEP Age 39, 1 mmc, dd born(now 5), 2nd mc (9wks, 2days), 3rd mc (9wks, 3days) and 4th mc at 5 wks. All tests on NHS came back clear. Currently undergoing treatment with Dr.Shehata for very high natural killer cells - aspirin, progesterone, steroids, omezaprole and one intralipid infusion completed.

LUNATIC dd1(4) 2 mmc (8 wks) dd2 stillborn (32+5). Seen at St Mary's. clotting problem, pg #5 aspirin 150g daily. Ds1 born 9/2/11 c/s @ 35 wks
STILLFRAZZLED Age 35, DS1 (3.6yo), 1 mc @ 5 weeks Jan 09, 2nd mc @ 9 weeks March 09, DS2 born @ 35+3 on 04/01/11 with Intra Uterine Growth Restriction but currently home and doing well.
MUMATRON Age 28 2 dc then 4mc, 3 @9weeks 1@5weeks, tests showed possible free protein s ishoo. dd2 born 06/01/2011, aspirin, claxane and high dose folic acid through pg.
JULEZBOO Age 29 1 mc @ 14 wks, DS1 (8yo) 4 mc @ 5/6 wks, DS2 (3) 2 mc @7 wks... DS3 (14/01/11 @35 wks) Dx with Factor V Leiden and Septate Uterus. Clexane and Aspirin throughout pregnancy and progesterone with DS3.

luckyfor2 Thu 05-May-11 09:05:37

Oh god confu3ed I can't believe that, how horrible I bet you were completely gob smacked! There are so many issues with rmc, obviously the grief and depression that comes straight after along with the anxiety and desperation of another pregnancy and dreaming of a successful one. So theres no surprise you're having trouble sleeping. Living is hard in every respect when you have gone through what all of us have, it's just so hard. Is there a rmc near you that they could refer you to. Could you possibly speak to your consultant direct and tell him/her how desperate you are for help. The one thing I have learnt from this experience is that you don't get anywhere without shouting and screaming for help. I am truly sorry for you and hope you can work out which way you want to go. x

Sorry things haven't worked out kittens, I guess when you're used to getting pregnant first month it's abit of a shock to get a BFN, I've always got pregnant v.quicky so know how you must be feeling. It sounds like you're having a horrible time on the prednisolone and typical that its effecting you now of all times when like you say you were fine on them in the past - great just what you need! It's heartbreaking seeing friends with new babies and I'm sure that knocked you back abit but I bet your friend really appreciated seeing you. Hopefully soon you might be able to join her in happier circumstances.

Didn't sleep a wink last night - got another scan this pm.

Havingkittens Thu 05-May-11 11:24:58

Ooh, good luck Lucky. Is that 7 or 8 weeks now?

I was thinking, maybe there is something in what others have said about Prednisolone delaying ovulation. Maybe I need to continue with concerted shagging for a good few days after my peak next time! Was a bit tricky last time as it was Easter weekend and we were at my OH's family place. Never really feel that ease when his mum and nieces and nephews are all running around!

igggi Thu 05-May-11 12:25:27

Not the best day for you HK, to say the least. Sorry sad
I have a friend in rl who takes steriods when pg, she said they had a horrible effect on her so you are not the only one. Presumably, after my appt, I will be joining you on them next month!

igggi Thu 05-May-11 12:25:27

Not the best day for you HK, to say the least. Sorry sad
I have a friend in rl who takes steriods when pg, she said they had a horrible effect on her so you are not the only one. Presumably, after my appt, I will be joining you on them next month!

Havingkittens Thu 05-May-11 13:17:46

Yes, it looks like next month with be a month of empathy for a few of us. Digital will be starting hers too. Hopefully you'll be luckier than me! I have read of lots of people being more or less fine with them.

Oh and just to cheer me up, today I got a flyer from the local children's centre, where I went for my first two booking in appointments with the midwife in my 1st and 2nd pregnancy about their term planner for all the baby and play groups they're running. I called them a few weeks ago to ask them to take me off their text update list, which they did but they forgot to take me off the posting list. Grrr! Not very timely. They were very apologetic and have promised to sort that out now.

I had another niggle too the other day. I don't know whether to bring it up or just let it pass as I know it was unintentional, but when we were getting a lift home the other day from a bank holiday BBQ from my OH's brother and partner who have a 5 year old SIL was asking us how we felt about the stack of family holidays (went away with OH's entire family for a week at the beginning of April) and bank holidays that we'd had one after the other from our perspective, by which she meant, and pointedly addressed us as "Those of you without kids". She knows about all of our losses and struggles and had spent at least some of the day listening to me complaining about severe stomach ache and heartburn due to the steroids which I suppose I had to learn to deal with taking if I wanted to give myself any chance of success in having a child. My OH said it did bother him too but he really thought that she didn't mean to be thoughtless, just was tired and overwhelmed by how demanding her little one had been over the various holidays. I am wondering whether to just send her a little email saying, "I know you didn't mean anything bad by it but do you think you could reconsider before saying things like that in the future?" or should I just let it go as she is normally quite sensitive and asks me how I am. What would you lot do?

Havingkittens Thu 05-May-11 13:19:54

Erm, sorry about my punctuation. Feel free to breath at any time during that epic lack of full stops blush.

igggi Thu 05-May-11 15:10:04

I don't think I quite understand - did she mean had you enjoyed being away with whole family since you didn't have children yourselves? (ie any chance she was being sympathetic?). I'm not sure if I'd say anything, if things are normally good. Friend of mine,knowing it was my due date that day, didn't bring it up, talked about how difficult it was when you have two, and asked if I could pass on ds's clothes to her (I am still hoping I might need them myself!). She is normally lovely though and I think she was just overwhelmed with her own life, so I'll try to forget it. OTOH, I have a friend who made a dismissive remark after mc#2, and I haven't spoken to her since. Depends if out of character or not, I suppose.

Havingkittens Thu 05-May-11 16:21:47

I think it was more of a "lucky you, you don't have to spend your whole bank holiday pandering to your child" type of comment. I suppose like your friend, she was just overwhelmed with her own life.

I too fell out with someone who I thought was one of my best friends after the due date of my 3rd loss. I apologised that I'd not been in touch much and had been a bit self absorbed because the due date was coming up and it was upsetting me. She didn't mention it in her reply email so I asked if there was an elephant in the room. I don't think that went down too well. Then a couple of months later I had to apologise again for being rubbish about being in touch because as well as the passing of that due date to contend with, I was also really stressed about my mum's health as she has cancer and the chemo was making her ill and that my grandmother had fallen down a whole flight of stairs and I was worried sick about her. I got an email back telling me she was sick of hearing about my family's health problems and that I was not the only one having it rough and that I had been of little support to her recently. There's nothing like a crisis to show you how wrong you can be about some friends!

milkyway07 Thu 05-May-11 16:46:44

Can I quickly ask all of you ladies who have high NK cells - did you get a cold or flu type illness in early pregnancy with all your pregnancies? I have come down with a cold/cough again - the last cold I had was when I was pregnant in December, and then lost the baby in January. Just seems that I get a cold every time I get pregnant. I've also lost a few symptoms I had, so thinking this is another one lost. I don't understand why I am getting a cold every time I get pregnant. Any info please?

luckyfor2 Thu 05-May-11 17:28:36

milky can't believe I've just read that, I got terrible achy joints for two days and sore throat the day after I got a BFP and felt like my symptoms were slightly masked by it. God I really did feel so bad, but my consultant told me that your immune system is low when you are pregnant and it is nothing to do with anything else, just a coinsidence. I did have terrible flu with my dd and everything was fine then! Don't worry about it, so far I am okay (but obviously don't feel safe in any way!)

Kittens it is awful what people can say, I don't think they try and be hurtful but like you say they just get wrapped up in their own lives. Not sure if I would say anything this time but its hard to say as I don't know her. If you think it would make you feel better and she would understand then it would certinly clear the air.

Scan okay thanks girls, doubled in size and measuring correctly, just 7 weeks so a very long way to go and the weeks go so slow!

igggi Thu 05-May-11 20:14:05

Lucky that's such a relief, really pleased.
Milkyway it isn't over yet, pointless to tell you not to worry but you know everything may still work out perfectly!.
Havingkittens, I would be cross at that comment, I think people just turn off their sensitivity button sometimes. I don't find out if my friends don't have lots of sympathy for me because I just don't talk to them about it - I might talk about a test I'm having but not about my feelings. It's so much easier to talk to someone else who's had a similar experience.

igggi Thu 05-May-11 20:14:06

Lucky that's such a relief, really pleased.
Milkyway it isn't over yet, pointless to tell you not to worry but you know everything may still work out perfectly!.
Havingkittens, I would be cross at that comment, I think people just turn off their sensitivity button sometimes. I don't find out if my friends don't have lots of sympathy for me because I just don't talk to them about it - I might talk about a test I'm having but not about my feelings. It's so much easier to talk to someone else who's had a similar experience.

milkyway07 Thu 05-May-11 20:35:22

Thanks lucky. Good to know I am not the only one who suffers from colds early on. I had a terrible cold/flu with my daughter too, but much later on, at around 6 weeks. Understandably paranoid here! Also congratulations on the scan - brilliant news.

kittens People can be very insensitive sometimes without meaning to be cruel. Hope you are okay now.
I tend to avoid alot of people for this reason. It's quite sad, but I have totally stopped meeting whole groups of people and family just incase someone asks me "when are you thinking of having the next one? You better move on, X is getting older now"....Only close relatives know about our struggles for another baby, and I don't feel I should have to justify myself to people who don't matter about why I haven't had a baby yet.

milkyway07 Thu 05-May-11 20:39:29

Thanks igggi. I hope it does this time!

digitalgirl Thu 05-May-11 22:30:05

Not much time to post but just wanted to say boo to kittens af arriving. Still waiting for mine.
And yay for lucky's scan.

Have been on far too many rides today. Exhausted.

LAF77 Thu 05-May-11 23:05:13

just checking in. Been a bit all over the place. DH had to go in for planned surgery for blocked sinuses this morning. I almost couldn't bear to let him go, as I start imagining the worst, that I'll never see him again. He's fine and I went to see him after work, but it makes me realise how RMC has changed me. I'm always expecting the worst outcome in all situations. I didn't want to leave his room and I hate the fact that he is sleeping in a hospital tonight and not with me.

A work colleague asked me today why I seemed slim as I told him over a year ago that we wanted to have a baby. I told him that I lost 3 pg last year and I felt really bad for asking, but you have to be careful what you ask people as you might not like the answers. MC is hidden away from view in society and I will bring it up if someone asks me a direct question. I'm not going to lie or brush it under the carpet with a vague statement about "we're still trying" as that isn't honest about the pain that I have been through.

Time to get to bed and wait for morning to come so I can have DH back.

luckyfor2 Fri 06-May-11 09:01:39

LAF I'd be the same if my husband had to go into hospital, I often go in to my DC's room at night to just check they're still breathing - something I haven't done since they were tiny and just constantly thinking the worst. RMC definately changes your life and view of things and good for you for making a point to your coleague I think sometimes it just catches you off guard but like others I see very few people at the moment and the thought of seeing people since my last mc fills me with fear and panick.

milky try and stay positive. Very hard I know but it is better for you and your body to stay calm than it is to be stressed. Thinking of you x

Havingkittens Fri 06-May-11 11:52:13

Milky I have had colds in some pregnancies but not all of them. I just assumed it was because your immune system was not as strong as usual. I've not had any achey or fluey type symptoms. I know it's hard not to worry after what we've been through and that it makes you hyper aware of every little twinge or "not feeling right" more than you would ordinarily. I can only suggest taking one day at a time and doing your best to relax or try and keep yourself busy doing nice things. Also, don't forget that if you're being treated for NK Cells your immune system is very active to it's no surprise that you haven't had a cold since your last pregnancy when your immune system was compromised. I don't think I've had any colds or bugs for a while other than when I've been pregnant. The prednisolone will also be suppressing your immune system too so you will be more likely to catch cold.

LAF77 I'm quite candid, like you. I don't see why I should have to make excuses or pretend nothing's happened. I was with a friend last weekend who is going through the menopause and having quite a hard time with it and was finding it frustrating that women seemed to be expected to go through all sorts of trials and tribulations quietly so as not to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. It's frustrating having to make excuses and feeling like you're being judged for being quiet, or avoiding certain situations, or having to put on a breezy and flippant front when people ask about your intentions to have kids. Often I do just tell it how it is. I do try not to be too over sensitive too though, and remember that some people just don't really understand that things aren't as straight forward as we would like them to be. The SIL remark did irk me because she is very much aware of my situation and also went through fertility problems of her own before having IVF to have her son at 41. I have a feeling that if I did mention it to her she would be mortified and very apologetic so I think I'll just let it go. If she says something similar again I will ask her politely to think first next time!

milkyway07 Fri 06-May-11 14:33:44

Just had a phone call from my doctor about my Vitamin D deficiency. Apparantly there is a very limited supply of high dose tablets and the injection in the UK so it will be a bit of a mission to get it! I don't know whether this is because so many people are deficient that they have run low or if they hardly view it as a problem so don't manufacture in high amounts? Very strange. I also told her I was pregnant again and she seemed shocked that I had tried again so quickly and even said "well that was quick"..hmm. That made me feel a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed - is it wrong to try again so soon after a mc? I tried the waiting, and it didn't work.

I have also started drinking full fat milk at least twice a day because vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption, and figuring I have low amounts in my body already, goodness knows I may be deficient in calcium aswell.

LAF77 I too can say that having RMC's has left me thinking the worse in everything. Like lucky I check my DD is breathing through the night. Sometimes if my husband is having a lie-in, I will go and check on him that he is ok. I guess that it has left me feeling that life is very fragile.

hairylights Fri 06-May-11 16:46:28

Hello everyone. Posting and running. I just got a bfp. confused

igggi Fri 06-May-11 17:06:11


Havingkittens Fri 06-May-11 17:56:47

Ooh, congratulations Hairylights!

hairylights Fri 06-May-11 18:01:50

Thanks. I have an appointment with the gynae/obs department on Tuesday and I am going to see what they say then about 1. test results (which should be in) and 2. what I can do to prevent miscarrying again (if there is anything).

luckyfor2 Fri 06-May-11 18:34:06

good news hairy smile

Lola78 Fri 06-May-11 20:03:57

Great news hairy, wishing you a sticky one this time.

LAF77 hope your DH is doing ok after his surgery.

I'm still hanging on in there - should be around 6 wks tomorrow and have had no more spotting since that tiny episode last Saturday. Really thinking about going to see my doc about possible early scan or hcg blood test to see how things are progressing (or not). I still haven't let rmc clinic know as DH is due to have his semen analysis on wed and I don't want that to be cancelled as we had a month long wait for that appointment (and still don't know if this pregnancy is going to be ok or not).

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