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Miscarriage due to short Luteal phase defect

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thinkingpositive Sat 16-Apr-11 09:56:23

Hi Ladies
I wonder if someone could shed some light on a the "Short Luteal Phase Defect" and miscarriages??

I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and scared! This is my second pregnancy as the first i suffered a missed miscarriage.Found out at 12 weeks, embryo died at 5/6 weeks.
My Luteal phase is 9 days which is below average. (figured this out after conception)
I have heard that having a short luteal phase affects your chances of having a miscarriage as there is not enough progesterone to keep the pregnancy going...

Is this true? Can anyone help with advice? Or even ways of increasing my progesterone?

Thank you

minmooch Mon 18-Apr-11 15:32:11

Didn't want your post to go unanswered.

You can take progesterone pessaries which will help your levels. If your progesterone levels are low then you will not be able to sustaing a pregnancy. You do need these to be checked by blood tests. However, your gp should be able to prescribe these for you as you are currently pregnant and up to 12 weeks by which time your placenta takes over. You need to take these asap so get an appointment quick.

My gp and consultant prescribe these for me to take as soon as I get a bfp. They do not think that I have low progesterone but as I have had 8 miscarriages as well as losing my twin daughters at 21 weeks they are happy to throw everything at me in the hope that it helps.

Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy.

thinkingpositive Wed 04-May-11 12:48:43

Hi Minmooch
Thank you for your advice.
We had a reassurance scan 2 days ago (7 weeks) and very happy to see a heart beat.
I spoke with my doctor and he wont give it to me. Plus they didn't even suggest a blood test, he just said, wait and see...

What do you think I should do?
Can you buy this over the counter?

Its as though they are not interested unless you suffer 3 consecutive MMC's.

minmooch Wed 04-May-11 19:17:14

Hi thinking

So glad to see that you had a good scan. Seeing the heartbeat must have been fab!

Have re read our messages and wanted to add that I think that if you had low progesterone I don't think that you would have carried your first pregnancy to 12 weeks - if the progesterone level is too low I think you would miscarry much earlier. Even though your first baby died at 5/6 weeks your body carried on for longer so I would think that your progesterone levels must have been high enough. I do not have any medical qualifications but have done enough research over the last few years.

You cannot get progesterone pessaries over the counter - can only be prescribed by gp. I think you can buy a progesterone cream but not sure how effective this is.

Good luck for your current pregnancy - I hope it is smooth sailing from here on in!

thinkingpositive Thu 05-May-11 09:20:08

Hi minmooch

Thank you for coming back so quickly and explaining this. It does make sense with what you are saying. Plus has opened my eyes to a new line of research. (Sorry Im new to this, we all have to start some where) However i hear its the progesterone within the egg - yok sac which feeds the baby till the placenta takes over. If there is an insufficent amount there, the baby will stop growing. Correct? No?

Thank you again for your advice, means allot to me!!

Im so sorry to hear about your losses, my heart goes out to you. I will Keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

scougy Sun 26-Jun-11 14:33:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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