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bleeding at 6 wks....need reassuring!!!

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jaylee89 Tue 11-Jan-11 12:42:34

hi i am 6wks+3 and woke early this morning for the loo wiped and noticed i was bleeding red blood as the day has progressed its turned to brown blood and hardly noticable doctors said its old blood could thi be from my op on thursday from ruptured cysts??? have been to early pregnancy clinic today still cant see anything on the vag scan priro to a scan on sunday aswel!....have had my hormone lvls taken every 48 hrs.....had key hole surgery on thursday my hcg lvls were 265 then and on sunday were 679 which doctor said is normal have to wait till 7 o clock tonite to find out my hcg lvls again and they should be in the region of 1200.....can anyone please reasure me that this is ok and not the early start of mc???

thanks xxx

TheUnmentioned Tue 11-Jan-11 12:51:11


I didnt want you to go unasnwered. I dont know about HCG levels but I did have bleeding / spotting regularly throughout both my pregnancies and especially with my son in the first trimester. All was fine. One time it was an 'area of separation' in the placenta and the rest they thought it was a cervical erosion.

Good luck

jaylee89 Tue 11-Jan-11 13:11:33

this might sound a little tmi but ive just been to the toliet and i have no red blood just clear discharge and it looks like grit of brown discharge?? im freaking myself out here!!! xxx

AitchTwoOh Tue 11-Jan-11 13:15:51

if your hcgs are rising well, then no, it is most unlikely to be the start of a miscarriage. it does sound like the doctors are keeping a close eye on you, hope this turns out just to be a wee blip. smile

jaylee89 Tue 11-Jan-11 13:20:41

thanks hunni that is defiantly reasurring!....i suppose any sort of bleeding in pregnancy is not nice at all and everyone fears the worst i just hope 7 oclock comes round fast and they tell me wat i want to hear thanks for getting back to me xxx

AitchTwoOh Tue 11-Jan-11 13:39:34

it would be most unusual for you not to have bleeding after an op, really, wouldn't it? best guide is the hcgs, good luck with that result tonight.

Kileyrs Tue 11-Jan-11 20:12:45

Jaylee89, i wish you the best tonite when you get your results. I know how nerve racking that could be as ive been there. I have suffered 5 m/c's and for everyone of them I was always told brown blood is OLD blood and completely normal. More people bleed or spot brown blood than we think. Dont freak yourself out especially if your blood or spotting isnt bright red anymore. It does sound like to me its just old blood from your surgery and like I said ive been thru 5 m/c's so unfortuantly i kinda see myself as a specialist at this. I wish you the best and try to relax-think happy thoughts, positive thinking helps everything. Please let me know how your results are later.XXXXXXX

AitchTwoOh Tue 11-Jan-11 20:41:16

just to keep the thread straight for other readers, the thing about brown blood is that can also be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, so doctors shouldn't be at all blase about it. however it really sounds at least from teh first hcg that this would be unlikely, and when you factor in the op as a tremendously likely cause of bleeding, it should hopefully be fine. and her doctors are doing right by her in terms of her care, which is excellent.

jaylee89 Wed 12-Jan-11 09:19:02

sadly started bleeding heavily last night again epu took some bloods yesterday and my hcg lvls have decresed so as they have said i am having the start of a early mc deeply devastated....really thought it wasnt going to be that but it looks like it wasnt ment to and my partner are heartbroken just like any couple would be and my sympathies are with anyone who has to go thru this....but we will be trying again asap and hopefully ill have some good news in the next couple of months.

kileyrs im so sorry to hear that u have had 5 mc's that must have been very hard for you and my thoughts are with you....

thanks for the kinds words everyone

AitchTwoOh Wed 12-Jan-11 09:22:46

oh that is rotten news, i am so sorry to hear that. take it easy on yourself, you are having a really rough time.

jaylee89 Wed 12-Jan-11 09:29:51

when does the bleeding stop it just seems to be getting worse and worse and the cramps in my stomach are agony! it just isnt fair how could something u want so badly be taken away from you.....

AitchTwoOh Wed 12-Jan-11 09:33:39

it's very sad. i had two ectopics, and the bleeding after the ops (so basically the miscarriage) went on for about a day. very painful.

cry and cry, it's a sad thing to lose a pregnancy. sad

jaylee89 Wed 12-Jan-11 09:37:04

ive cried enough to last a life time and i just feel numb....i just want the heartbreak to go away i dont want to feel like this......

its comforting to be able to speak to others who have gone through the same thing.

i thank you aitchTwoOh for ur support im very grateful xxx

AitchTwoOh Wed 12-Jan-11 10:26:50

you know, it does soften, but not yet. please just take each day as it comes, grieve, it's so very, very sad.

wellieboots Wed 12-Jan-11 12:31:24

So sorry to hear this jaylee - it takes time and crying and grieving, just go with it - those who have been through it before have told me that it does get better with time, though you never forget.

Just take your time, that's all you can do, and look after yourself xxx

jaylee89 Wed 12-Jan-11 13:49:25

thanks wellieboots i really appreciate your kind words its such a hard time and im trying to plaster a smile on my face as i already have a 3 yr old daughter which every minute im thankful for! its just really tough.....i suppose after time the pain will ease and this terrible loss i feel will just be a memory!.......i just hope it doesnt take me a long time to concieve again!!!


TheUnmentioned Wed 12-Jan-11 21:43:54

Ive just seen this + I am so sorry. i hope the bleeding and cramps are easing off.

Allow yourself to grieve and get as much time out as you can.

thinking of you x

JezzaJ9 Thu 13-Jan-11 14:11:25

Hi Jaylee,

I had similar MC in November I was 8.5 weeks and your situation could have been me it was exactly the same. I have a 2 year old who I am very greatful for even more so now I think if thats possible. But it does get a bit easier as each day goes by and I was told to continue to try when ever we feel ready.

Thinking of you

jaylee89 Sat 15-Jan-11 21:26:51

well it seems that my hcg lvls havent decreased at all and tbh i think the hospital have got it wrong...... on sunday i went into the hospital and my hcg lvls were 679 and a cb digi said i was 1-2 weeks i went in on tuesday and apparently my jcg lvls were 379 so they thought i was having a early mc.......i took a cb digi last night and this morning with my morning wee and they both have said im 2-3 weeks now if my hcg were lower than sunday then surely the pregnancy test would show 1-2 weeks or more than likely not pregnant......some women i have spoken to say they lose their symptoms straight away after a mc and that they just feel empty and i havent felt any of this and have told the hospital over and over and also my parents that i dont feel any different i still feel pregnant and have done since tuesday when the hospital told me i had a im pretty damn sure im still pregnant and it shows how intune i am with my sorry im rambling on but my head is just all over the place....need explinations

AitchTwoOh Sun 16-Jan-11 12:10:38

i wouldn't take the word of a cb test, tbh, however it is worth checking out. aren't the doctors still taking your hcgs or did they just say that you were having a miscarriage and send you home?

if i was you i would press for a scan and more hcg blood tests. you need to be checked for a heterotopic pregnancy, in case you have lost one twin and kept another, and you must be checked thoroughly for ectopic pregnancy, which is where the baby has landed in the wrong place, outside your womb somewhere.

hairyfairylights Sun 16-Jan-11 19:01:04

Hi I commented in the other thread. Blood tests are the ones to trust over hpt.

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