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Miscarriage at 8 Weeks - Half D&C?

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mazzagrant Mon 10-Jan-11 00:04:42

Hi there. I'm just going through a miscarriage. I started spotting when I was just under 8 weeks, which turned into bleeding. A scan showed that the baby was only 5-6 weeks so either my dates were wrong or the baby had stopped growing. I was told to come back in a week. When I went back the bleeding had become much heavier but no clots had passed. (Having had 2 previous miscarriages, this was the bit I was waiting for and dreading). I was then seen by a consultant who didn't scan me. He said I was obvioulsy miscarrying and there wasn't a lot that could be done. He did an internal and "cleared" away some tissue. I came back an hour later and he "cleared" some more tissue. Not pleasant, very very upsetting and emotional and all dignity gone. Now, 5 days later I'm still bleeding and I'm kicking myself for being so compliant. I wasn't offered a scan or a blood test or even a pregnancy test. I'm pretty sure that I was losing the baby, but now I feel that this just isn't right. And to make matters worse, I'm still bleeding and this pains still isn't over. Has anybody had similar experiences? You're just so emotionally wrecked that you do anything the doctors tell you, but now I wish I'd been a bit more with it and demanded a scan before he did his mini D&C. Sorry I'm ranting, it's been a painful week or so. Is it normal to be "cleared" in this way. Previously nature has taken its course. This seems an odd way of helping the process along and a little risky in case there is indeed a viable pregnancy there.

banana87 Mon 10-Jan-11 09:50:52

Ach. How horrible for you. I have had this before but not in the horrible way you describe. The dr was trying to do an internal and had to remove tissue but did this quietly and without telling me. I know because I asked. It sounds like an incomplete miscarriage and you need an ERPC asap to prevent infection. Can you see another dr and insist on this or at least a scan to see whats left?

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