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Am I About to MC?

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OrangeGloss Tue 04-Jan-11 10:30:47

Sorry in advance for my essay, i just feel like giving up hope I had a MMC last October, and had a ERPC on 15th

I waited for one AF before starting ttc again. On CD 27/28 I got period-like pains but no AF, my UCL being 35. I got a BFP on CD38 with a CB Digi saying 1-2 weeks. On Sunday I went to the loo and got red blood when I wiped, that was the only time and since then have had very occasional brown when I wipe.

I had a scan yesterday, when I was 6+5 by LMP but all that could be seen was something measuring 5 weeks, no heartbeat etc. They did one blood test which came back 2740, and I have another tomorrow to see if it rises.

I haven't had any symptoms except big/ tender/heavy boobs. I did have wind/bloating and mild nausea until recently but that has gone. Having said that I'm in bed ill and I've heard that can mask pg symptoms?!

After last time I just don't want to get my hopes up if there's no chance. Has anyone had similar experience? Or can offer any advice?

NewImprovedJollster Tue 04-Jan-11 10:38:55

have no answers for you - I know the waiting is horrendous, but have FX for you all is well.

wellieboots Tue 04-Jan-11 13:13:22

FX for tomorrow, really sorry you're going through this

MummyAbroad Tue 04-Jan-11 13:55:37

Sorry you are going through this orange it must be an agonising wait.

Try and take some comfort from the fact that the blood test will give you a lot of information. If the figure is around double the first one, that is a very good sign that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

A little bit of blood this early in, is NOT an indication of problems. Many women have this and all is well. The blood tests and then a further scan later on are the only ways to tell if everything is OK.

Very best of luck to you. xxx

OrangeGloss Tue 04-Jan-11 14:59:40

Thanks all of you, I suppose I have to wait and try not to google too much hmm

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