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Have I had a mc?

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MummyNic Mon 03-Jan-11 22:24:25

Hi all. TMI alert...

I have 1 DS, no other pregnancies. My period was 4 days late (very unusual, can almost set my watch to 27.5 days...).
I had pain from period due time and wore pads... nothing. I was due Christmas morning (joy!). Travelled to Scotland on Tuesday, still nothing, just mild ache. Light bleeding started on Wednesday with almighty back pain - I joked 'no sibling for J this month". Thought nothing of it - we use condoms and are not trying for a baby.
Period was reasonably light but on New Years Day evening I had a bad cramp, went to the loo, wiped and in the tissue was a mass of blood that was the shape of an embryo - about 2cm long, C shaped, dark spot that looked like the eye area and I could see 1 part extending from the side (like the start of an arm?). I looked in horror at it as it was just like the pictures you see in the books but it was a bloody mass. Is that what it would look like? I guess I would have been 5 weeks gone (or 9 weeks from previous period which was strange and painful).
Very graphic description, I'm sorry.
I didn't have any symptoms like my first pregnancy although I was nauseous for the week I was due on - but no painful breasts.
I'm remaining calm as I believe things happen for a reason and we weren't trying - but should I see a doctor? Is it worth even bothering them?

Thanks in advance

jezebelle Mon 03-Jan-11 22:30:12

I dunno, i've had 2 mc's at 5 weeks and they were just a heavy period as its just cells at that time, could you have been further than you thought ?? xx

MummyNic Mon 03-Jan-11 22:39:02

Possibly as previous period didn't behave normally but was so painful that I had to take half a day off work (very very rare). Period is still here and still crampy but it's not as heavy as normal. I wonder if it was a freaky looking clot! Don't want to dwell on it nor waste a GP's time. I wonder if a test would show pregnancy hormones 3.5 days after the event, is it even worth wasting money on when it's no longer a pregnancy. Don't want to cause myself heartache as I'd love another child... It was so odd though...

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