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Chemical pregnancy

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louisesh Mon 03-Jan-11 18:38:03


Long story short!!! I ve had 3 MCs and my dd was stillborn in Oct 2010.I have regular cycles of 28-29 days , i ovulated the 13 or 14th Dec and got a variety of faint positive tests from Wed 29th Dec to Sun 2nd Jan, now showing as negative on tests.Knew this was going to happen as tests so faint and have had a CP previously.

How long have people had to wait for AF to return after a cP? Think it was about 4 days last time this happened. I don t want to be in a state of limbo for any longer than need be.

Has anyone had more than 1 CP then concieved sucessfully? Seems to be a constant battle of 1 step foreward,22 steps backwards.

Thanks X

PositiveAttitude Mon 03-Jan-11 20:36:00

I dont know about CP, but I wanted to stop by and encourage you to keep going. I had a baby who died at 8 days old, then 4 miscarriages. We now have 5 DC. You will get there. I know its hard!!!

cameli Mon 03-Jan-11 21:05:20

I have no experience of this but have been 'following' your story on other threads (not in a stalker way though) and just wanted to say how sorry i am.

My step sister lost her baby at 37 weeks but went on to have 2 girls who are healthy.

I live in the same area as you but can't remember if it was PGH, PGI or DH where your daughter was born but my step sister had her still born daughter at PGI and they were brilliant.

I wish you every success in future pregnancies and think you are one very strong lady.


louisesh Mon 03-Jan-11 22:02:20

Hi Cameli.Thanks

I don t feel very strong at the moment.I had Georgie at DDH, I started my care at PGI EPU they were fabulous but swapped consultants from PGI to DDH at 32 weeks as preferred the delivery suite at DDH.Bit of a busmans holiday either way as i work for the trust!!!!

The staff on the delivery suite at DDH were absolutely fabulous,particularly 4 of the midwives.

Your story about your step sister is lovely.Thanks , i m determined to have Georgie's brother or sister asap.Hoping i ll be even more fertile after this as i concieved Georgie a month after a CP last year.

Thanks XX

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