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had a great convo with ds today.

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wewishyouamerrylissiemas Tue 21-Dec-10 20:31:31

he is 5 and we were watching the nativity. when it got to the bit with elizabeth ds asked me what was going on. I said that elizabeth couldnt have any babies. he asked why not. I explained that some women cant have babies.

ds asked if i could have another baby so that he could have a brother. I said "mummy and daddy cant have any more babies, but it makes you all the more special to us"

he said "but please, I will play with him all the time and share my dinosaurs"

fucking marvellous. as if I didnt feel bad enough already!

cornyPrawnsdefrostJasonDonovan Tue 21-Dec-10 20:33:55

aw bless - they see everything so innocently don't they? sad ((hugs))

wewishyouamerrylissiemas Tue 21-Dec-10 20:37:04

i know. he asks me for a baby brother quite often. last year it was on his bloody christmas list!

cornyPrawnsdefrostJasonDonovan Tue 21-Dec-10 20:38:30

aw! he sounds so sweet

wewishyouamerrylissiemas Tue 21-Dec-10 20:40:25

he is, my little miracle boy

cornyPrawnsdefrostJasonDonovan Tue 21-Dec-10 20:41:24


JustKeepSnowing Tue 21-Dec-10 20:44:18


DS1 (4) decide today it would be a good idea for me to put a dog collar & lead on DS2 (2) when we went shopping so he could then sit in the trolley and DS2 could walk.
I explained that it wasn't such a great idea really grin

(then he wanted to know why, if dog collars are mean for people, why aren't they mean for dogs, luckily we were nearly home then!!)

ps sorry about the not being able to have more

peanuthead Wed 22-Dec-10 09:59:48

God lissie. I'm dreading that. My DD is ony 3 but already notices everyone else has babies. She keeps wrapping presents for "mummies who haven't got a baby."

KnitterNotTwitter Wed 22-Dec-10 10:04:34

2.5 yo DS freaked me out the other day by talking about his 'brother'. No idea where he got that from although he does know that I've lost two pregnancies this year. The one we lost at 13 weeks he knew about before the MC (the other was an ectopic) and he used to talk to it in my belly button.... i've always felt that pregnancy was a boy....

wewishyouamerrylissiemas Wed 22-Dec-10 10:17:20

thanks all, some people seem to think that we are being selfish, blindly pursuing another baby, no matter how much risk it puts me in. but it kind of reminded me why. its not about winning, or making up for anything. its to complete our family. but we are fast reaching the point of "no more"

ds has two imaginary friends, a girl called cara who is apparently 3. and a boy called ben who is 4

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