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My Miscarriage Story

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2bubs4me Tue 30-Nov-10 22:10:58

Back in May 2010 I came off the pill TTC as I already have two children from a previous relationship and so does my other half, he has a daughter. So we decided to try for one of our own! Back in July 2010 at the beginning of the month I started to have period like cramps and tiredness and thought OMG I feel like I did when I was pregnant with Andrew, So I told my OH but told him not to keep his hopes up as it could be just a false alarm. Then the week of the the 24th July I had really bad period sharp pains, felt nauseas, tired...Basically curled up in a ball crying. We were about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary together [25.07.2010] and then I remember going to bed on the 24th and then needing the loo. When I got there I found blood clots and lots of them! I screamed, the OH came running and i started to cry but he was just in shock!

We went and had our anniversary down the beach, because I just put it down to a bad period! Then the Monday I rang the Doctors and they told me they had nothing available until Friday but at another doctors surgery in another village [As we live out in the sticks of Durham - our doctors are running three surgeries] I told them what had happened and they said there was nothing they could do and to just wait until Friday afternoon. So Friday afternoon I walked the 40mins up and down the hills to the next village in agony and got told it possibly could of been a miscarriage. They gave me some tablets to soak up the blood and then the following week I was back at the doctors telling them look I'm still in pain and I need to be checked out at the hospital! They eventually arranged a scan for me the following week at the hospital [By this stage I was annoyed] Got told to go upto Gnaecology Dept...To wait a further 5 and a half hours to be told I had a fibroid in my womb wtf!?!?!?!

Went back to the hospital a few weeks ago [ 11/11/2010] to be told it definately isn't a Fibroid and that it was just the remainder of the pregnancy as since the miscarriage happened in July I have had strong period like cramps every three weeks and one week of bleeding! I had also been told that she would like to see me back in January 2011 and before that will be going for a scan to see if anything is left - which should be in the next few weeks, ie waiting on a letter!

Not only that but it has muddled up my periods, because my cycles have been 29, 30, 32 days grrr!

Sorry it was a long story but wanted to share it!

Purplebuns Wed 01-Dec-10 10:46:03

Sorry for your loss
They have really messed you about haven't they!
I have never heard of them leaving someone so long, with fragments left inside? confused
I would definitely kick up a stink but then I am like that.

As for your cycle, I am currently waiting on period two, post MC and I am on day 33 hmm
Apparently it can take a while for it to settle down.
I hope you feel better soon

2bubs4me Wed 01-Dec-10 11:55:04

thanks hun

i did kick off with them, for them to say that i had to bare in mind with them that the 5 doctors at my surgery covered 2 more surgeries and also had to bare in mind that where out in the sticks!

But I had no support or advice on what to expect!

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