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How to stop myself from becoming completely obsessed about ttc after mc

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RudolfThePinkNosedReindeer Tue 30-Nov-10 19:21:42

Hello ladies, I could do with your advice (I've also posted this on the conception boards). I am ttc #1 and stopped taking the pill in february. I fell pg quickly afterwards, but miscarried at 8 1/2 weeks in June. I've been ttc with no luck since then. 

I'm aware that my journey to successfully conceive and take a baby home could be long and rocky and so i need to somehow get a life outside outside of ttc but I'm worried that I'm already completely obsessed about how I'm desperate to be pregnant. Everywhere I look I see rounded pregnant bellies, or Facebook pregnancy announcements, or get a message from another friend to say that she's pregnant, and each time it feels like I've been kicked in the stomach.  All I can think about all day is how much I want a baby, and each time AF arrives it's becoming more and more heartbreaking. 

I can't help but think that if I could just distract myself and somehow forget about what cd I am on or when AF is due it would be easier to get on with my life but how??? I've tried the big holiday, but when that ends it's back to the usual heartache again. I know lots of people go through much worse, but I really am finding this quite a struggle at the moment so any words of advice from people that have made it out of the other side of this without going completely doolally would be very gratefully received. 

stinkypants Tue 30-Nov-10 22:14:53

ohhhh really feel for you... i can definitely sympathise and say i came out the other side - it feels horrendous when you're 'in it' but i am almost certain you'll have a bouncing baby in your arms within the next couple of years or sooner - all the signs are really positive - the fact that you have conceived before and the fact that you've not been trying very long (i know it seems it, but it really isnt long from a making babies perspective).
for all the people you know getting preggers at the drop of a hat, there are plenty of others who have had mc's or taken ages to conceive. you're just tuned into the others.
you need to believe it will happen and allow yourself the joy of looking forward to it. go and see your preganant friends and pat their lovely tummies. hold lots of babies. all these things will awaken the mummy in you and switch on your baby making mode.
it took me 1 year to conceive, then i miscarried, and it took a further 6 months to conceive. i now have 2 beautiful boys, thought it would never happen but it did.
just be patient, keep busy, look after your body and mind, enjoy the daily pleasures and await your time.
oh - and the ovulation sticks help a lot too

MummyBellsAllTheWay Wed 01-Dec-10 12:02:38

Hi pink sorry I don't have the magic words to make it all better, just bumping for you and sending you my love <<squeeze>> xxxx

RudolfThePinkNosedReindeer Wed 01-Dec-10 21:29:16

Thanks for sharing your story stinky, it's great to hear such a happy ending! I think your advice is fab and I will definitely try to put it into practice.

Thanks for bumping mummy, you are so lovely

Just in case anyone in a similar situation stumbles onto this thread, I also posted the same question on the conception boards lots of lovely wise ladies posted some brilliant advice -to-not-become-completely-obsessed-with-wanting-to -be-pg?msgid=22530499#22530499 Also, there is a fantastic thread full of amazing ladies like mummybells for people looking for support while ttc after miscarriage t-MC-and-ready-to-try-again-Pack-your-cake-wine-an d-tightie-whities-and-join-us-for-more-ranting-wee ping-and-most-of-all-laughing-All-welcome-Part-9?p g=4

orestyemerrywombat Thu 02-Dec-10 13:33:03

Pink I didn't notice this was your thread for a second. Will go and look at the other one for ethe advice you got. Hugs to you xxx

MummyBellsAllTheWay Thu 02-Dec-10 14:04:20

Couldn't make your link work actually pink, is it just me?

orestyemerrywombat Thu 02-Dec-10 16:26:52

Mummy I couldn't follow the link either but I found it on the boards -to-not-become-completely-obsessed-with-wanting-to -be-pg

orestyemerrywombat Thu 02-Dec-10 16:27:37

Humph. That didn't work either. Try cutting and pasting: -to-not-become-completely-obsessed-with-wanting-to -be-pg

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