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First MC, advice needed, please.

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ItsJustMyOpinion Tue 30-Nov-10 07:54:40

To cut a long story short, over the weekend I had an EMC, according to the hospital. At the time of taking the pregnancy test, which was Thursday, I had no idea I was pregnant, hat no signs or symptoms and was spotting, but only 12 days after my last AF visit. The test came up positive straight away and was very strong. As I was spotting I went to the EPAC at the nearest hospital where they confirmed I was pregnant. I had an ultrasound and an internal scan, neither of which showed anything, except a cist on one of my ovaries. I then had to have a blood test to check my BETA hCG levels. They came back as being 385 and had to have a repeat blood test on Sunday, this came back as being lower in the 200's (cant remember exact figure) so I was told that it was an EMC but to take another pregnancy test in 10 days time.

What I want to know, and I know it sounds silly, is I am now getting what I call pregnancy symptoms, metalic taste in my mouth and feeling nauseaus, and have been sick a couple of times. Are these symptoms psychological (as in its in my head) or part of the EMC,or is there perhaps the slightest chance that the hospital got it wrong and I am still pregnant?

Stupid I know, but I want to know how long I can expect to be feeling these symptoms. From what I have read, sypmptoms of pregnancy dramatically disappear after a MC.

Thanks in advance

sotough Tue 30-Nov-10 09:17:17

i'm not sure what an EMC is? presumably an "early miscarriage"?
anyway sorry to hear you've been through this, but the pregnancy symtoms are not a cause to think that the hospital may be wrong. it is unfortunately quite normal to have continuing, or even worsening, pregnancy symptoms after a pregnancy has failed. one friend of mine was actually hospitalised with hyperemesis (excessive morning sickness) which continued bad as ever after the pregnancy had failed.
your body will take a little while to get back to normal, but as this seems to have been an extremely early loss, it shouldn't take too long and i imagine the symptoms will go in a few days. with luck you'll get your next period in five weeks or so.

hairyfairylights Tue 30-Nov-10 11:42:39

Hi Itjustmyopinion - so very sorry for your loss.

I have had two different experiences, one suspected ectopic with very slow rising HCG (yours seems to be going down which is good in terms of resolving things). My HCG took a couple of months to go back to normal, but that was because my body failed to miscarry fully. I was given a drug called methotrexate eventually, which dissolves what is left there, and my HCG went back to normal a week later.

With my current missed miscarriage, I was given an ERPC procedure, and a week later have had a negative pregnancy and all symptoms have now gone.

Bodies behave differently. I think if you are concerned, ask for another HCG test, and do look after yourself.

ItsJustMyOpinion Tue 30-Nov-10 13:32:44

Thank you sotough and hairyfairylights yes, EMC is an early miscarriage.
I now realise that it's just hormones and most probably psycological making feel these symptoms.

I can now look forward to having a drink or two over Christmas and providing that my next period won't be too far away can start trying again in the new year.

hairyfairylights so sorry you have had to experience this twice.

hairyfairylights Tue 30-Nov-10 16:15:16

Thanks Itsjustmyopinion.

Although you say 'just' hormones, don't minimise the effect they can have on how you feel, and do take gentle care of yourself.

MC is bad enough, and when it becomes more complicated by confusing hormone results, it is quite stressful - so do take care!

Keep up that positive attitude - I feel the same. I have eaten loads of soft cheese and had a drink or three. Of course I'd swap it all for the pregnancy not to have ended, but you have to find comfort where you can!

ItsJustMyOpinion Tue 30-Nov-10 17:26:18

It goes without saying that I would rather swap it all for the pregnancy not to have ended, but I do count myself very lucky that I already have a beautiful dd and a dh who is very supportive. I know there are loads of women out there who struggle to get pregnant even once.

hairyfairylights Tue 30-Nov-10 21:24:57

Bless you Itsjust but do look after yourself. Sounds like you are coping very well, but you have still lost a pregnancy.

I am on of those women you speak of (no problem getting pregnant yet - just problems keeping pregnant) and I find it very touching that you think of us, even during your horrid time .

waterplate Sat 04-Dec-10 20:50:21

Hi ladies, I've got back from the hospital today having my second MC confirmed, pg test still positive but the hospital said that is because not all the remainder of the pregnancy is gone yet. I hope things work out for you longer term, I too have got BFPs twice in six months but both times MC'd. DH is wonderful and I think we just have to stay positive....I too am looking for the silver linings eg drinking over Xmas/New Year and starting again in maybe Feb. Fingers crossed for all of us.

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