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Secondary recurrent miscarriage

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digitalgirl Thu 25-Nov-10 16:34:44

Sorry, keep starting threads about this, but I really can't find any information on this. Apart from a scaremongering article about women who have secondary rmc following one live birth of a son having less chance of achieving a live birth than those who have secondary rmc after having a girl.

Am 32. Had perfectly fine pregnancy with my son (2yo), followed by 3 early miscarriages. My rmc consultant's appointment is 3 months away. I just want to know what my chances are of having another child. Hormonal and anatomical problems ruled out. Waiting to do a clotting test. Is it worth pestering to get an appointment before I do the clotting test so that I can at least have a conversation that can reassure me? Or should I just wait till I've had all the tests done so that they're fully informed before talking to me. Just feel like I'm in limbo.

Minione Thu 25-Nov-10 17:10:30

Hi, I feel a little like you at the moment. I had an early miscarriage last november, my son was stillborn in June at 30 weeks and I miscarried last weekend at 10 weeks. My son's post mortem gave no reason for his death and no chromosonal abnormalities were found but at the moment I feel like giving up. I've read a lot about clotting and like you was wondering if this could be a reason. We are meeting with the consultant but God knows when. I have fell pregnant very easily and recently read something about 'unfussy wombs' basically beacause I can get pregnant so easily my chances of miscarriege are higher confused.

Anyway, I've probably not been very helpful but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in feeling this way. Hopefully someone will be along with more advice shortly x

digitalgirl Fri 26-Nov-10 20:43:15

minione so sorry to read of your losses, especially for your son. sad
Unlike you it takes me 3-4 cycles to fall pregnant, so I don't think my womb is particularly unfussy. My worry is that I developed anti-bodies in my pregnancy with my son.
I got very swollen and itchy in the last few weeks and he was born at 36+5 (perfectly healthy). Although my mother said she had this in her pregnancy with me, then had my sister 6 years later. So maybe it will take a few years before my body will accept another pregnancy.

sotough Sun 28-Nov-10 19:11:35

hi digital - i think i've told you my story before but just briefly, like you, i had one straightforward pregnancy when i was 32, which resulted in DS, who is now 3.5yrs old. he was a lovely healthy 9lb baby and i had no reason to think i'd have any problems in future. A year later we started trying for no2, and i had miscarriage after miscarriage. Four in total, over a period of two years; all first trimester, around the seven to eight week mark. it was devastating. we went private as well as NHS and had every test under the sun; nothing was conclusive, but with this pregnancy, which has now reached 33 weeks so hopefully will result in a live baby! i was on various experimental medication, including for possible NK Cells (the immune reaction theory you mention.)
so there is hope.unfortunately you just have to keep going, which is awful, and make sure you leave no stone unturned with the tests.

sotough Sun 28-Nov-10 19:13:23

two other things that are massively in your favour are your age - 32 means you have plenty of time to get to the bottom of the problem; and if they can't find a cause, you still have time to have lots more pregnancies until one works, if you can bear it - and also the fact you've already had one successful pregnancy. that is a very wonderful, positive sign, because you know your body can do it.

digitalgirl Sun 28-Nov-10 22:32:54

Thank you sotough. You have helped give me a bit of perspective which I've been missing lately.

Did you take prednisone for the nk cells? And if so how long did you have to take it for? Any side effects? And do you mind telling me which clinic you went to? I'm thinking of getting some private tests done at the Miscarriage Clinic after my nhs testing finished. It's just such a bloody long wait.

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