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posnatal depression following miscarriage

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pinkbutterfly22 Fri 19-Nov-10 14:27:42

i lost a baby 4 months ago and had a really hard time after it and now i have grieved and moved past it i wonder if i may have had postnatal depression? At the time i thought i was ok as it wasnt a planned pregnancy and i was going to be having a termination but then i misscarried and a few weeks later i woke up one day and i wanted to move away from the town where i have lived for 18 years, i didnt want to see my partner and i pushed everyone i cared about away, i did things i would not normally do and i couldnt sleep? does this sound like postnatal depression? i am just looking for some answers now that i have been able to partly move on. My relationship broke down and i felt i had to move away for my own sanity...please help!

wayoftheworld Fri 19-Nov-10 14:46:25

It does sound like you need help. Its important to talk to family member or a close friend about this. If not contact your GP and ask them to put you in touch with a counsellor.

I am sorry this has been so difficult for you, but that is life and it gets better. But please seek help!

MummyinEngland Fri 19-Nov-10 16:26:06

Hi Pink,

I am really sorry for your loss.

I think you suffered from "post miscarriage depression", as did I, as did many many women on this site. Everything you have described I can totally relate to and I am sure I am not the only one. Losing a baby that you had so many hopes for, coping with raging hormones and the physical discomforts of miscarriage is depressing! Or in your own words you grieved. Feeling numb then angry, then sad are all completely normal reponses to grief. The sad thing about miscarriage is that it is very taboo, not spoken about much and lots of people still think you dont feel "real" grief or if you do you should be over it in about 2 weeks (it took me about 5 months!)

I am glad to hear that you have been able to move on. I agree with wayoftheworld that counselling is a great idea, it helped me lots. I live abroad so havent used The Miscarriage Association but other ladies on here have said they are very good. I also found reading this made me feel more "normal" and that I wasnt the only one to go through all this feelings.

hope the future brings you some experiences much happier than these ones. xxx

CarrotGirl Fri 19-Nov-10 17:46:22

Hi pinkbutterfly

I'm not at all an expert, but hormones do kick in as soon as you become pregnant, so I would say theres a good chance it could be pnd or possibly just depression following a miscarriage.

I had a very early miscarriage from an unplanned pregnancy, it is a rollercoaster and I understand what you have been feeling. It is totally confusing and really fucks with your head. I'm now basically quite seriously depressed and need to get help myself (dd2s birth was also horrific and I have been avoiding it for way too long now and now theres the miscarriage on top of that).

It is totally ok for you to feel the way you do...but do please please seek some help...It may have been right to leave your partner, but don't distance yourself from your friends. Do you have anyone you can speak to? Maybe someone who has suffered from some sort of depression themselves who is more likely to understand?

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