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What do I need to take to hospital ?

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iNEEDaWHINGE Thu 18-Nov-10 18:17:31

Due to medical issues cannot continue safely with a surprise pregnancy. After advice decided on a medical termination rather than the pill variety.

Going in tomorrow AM.

What do I need to take in with me? I have decided to go private as it's bad enough to have had to make this choice, never mind waiting the 6 week lead time in my NHS area.

Will this make a difference to what i need. I have no idea if i should be taking PJ's or will end up in a paper gown situation.

Has anyone else been private/nhs and has any tips or advice on what will get me through the day.

many thanks in advance

thisisyesterday Thu 18-Nov-10 18:20:32

i would take a nightie if you have one, otherwise you will have to wear a gown
um, sanitary towels.

in my experience, at BPAS, they were really lovely. I was quite woozy and shaky afterwards so stayed in bed for a little bit, but most people were up and out fairly soon afterwards.
I bled quite a lot, so worth taking some heavy duty sanitary protection.

aside frm that, just someone to give you a big hug afterwards. hope it all goes ok

iNEEDaWHINGE Thu 18-Nov-10 18:28:00

so if i wear a nightie instead of pj's i will get to keep my own nightie on?

i'm heading out tonight for some sanitary stuff. is it as bad as after pregnancy bleeding? will i need pads to protect bed when i get home?

thisisyesterday Thu 18-Nov-10 18:49:30

I did, tho I guess it might not be standard i don't know? i think they might have asked me to wear one?

bleeding was like a really heavy period for me, prob not quite as bad as straight after birth tho

dollylolly Thu 18-Nov-10 19:00:44

hi i had a mmc at 11weeks on 22/09/2010 i went for a d&c op the next day, i was in hospital for a total of 15 hours waiting for my op which only lasted 20 minutes....i woke up in no physical pain, all i took with me was magazines pjs to change in to as i had to wear a hospital nightie, i was up and about within an hour of coming out of theatre, i bled for 2 weeks but this was nothing more than a really heavy period hope this helps, sorry for your loss

iNEEDaWHINGE Thu 18-Nov-10 20:09:27

dolly - one of the bonus's of private. there wont be waiting around. i asked that. i was told as long as i'm starved ready for the ansethetic(sp?) and come in at the right time i will be in the theatre at 12.30pm as planned, i've heard a few friends/family mention long waits of more than 12 hours like yours. it seems to be very common in NHS services sadly
.. that must be awful it dragged out for 15 hours.

thisis - just been to 24hr tesco. no nighties. i'll just go with the gownie and take pj's for when i wake up.

i've got a book. some heavy duty sanitary pads (with wings) and some bed pads for bed at home. (We have brand new bedding i'm scared to ruin). got a book . gonna hunt out some old scabby pants, dressing gown and some slippers/flip flops for wearing in recovery.

thanks for advice

dollylolly Thu 18-Nov-10 20:15:47

yes it was terrible waiting that long i had to be put on a drip eventually because i was so dehydrated, the joys of the nhs! If i was in a position i would have paid privately to... I honestly thought the aftermath of the op would be really horrible and messy but it wasnt that bad at all.

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