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Unsure what I should be doing now?

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3kidsandbump Tue 16-Nov-10 17:19:06

I should have been about 8.5 wks now, but had light spotting at about 6 weeks, which I didn't do anything about, as it was only very light, so presumed everything was ok.

Had more bleeding over last weekend, so phoned doctors yesterday, and they booked me in for today (Tues) a blood test with the nurse, which I had this morning - presume this was to check HCG levels? Nurse said she would ring me on Fri with the results.

THis afternoon however I have heavy bleeding with lots of clots ect, so am in no doubt that I have lost the baby.

My question is what should I do now? I don't really have any pains or anything, just what is like a heavy period, so do I just wait for the nurse to ring on Fri (although outcome of the blood test is now obvious) , or should I contact the doctors before that?

banana87 Tue 16-Nov-10 17:44:02

You need a scan. Have they not referred you for one? Call your GP or midwife and tell them you are bleeding heavily, and they will book you in for a scan.

3kidsandbump Tue 16-Nov-10 19:38:10

No banana - tbh they haven't really been that great at the docs - the only person I have seen was the nurse for the blood test, and she didn't really say what I should do if the bleeding got any worse, I am almost 100% sure that I no longer have a viable pregnancy though sad

Will try and call the GP's in the morning then.

jasmine51 Wed 17-Nov-10 09:56:59

If you are not getting appropriate support and you are bleeding heavily, go to A&E. You will be taken seriously and probably wheeled off for a scan. Tell them you have to change your pad more than one an hour. Or you could ring your local EPU for advice, they might call you in.
I get so angry about the lack of support for early mcs. I had 4, my gp kind of shrugged and took the attitude that 'these things are common', the midwife was lovely but couldnt help me because I was too early to be on her books and I didnt know where to go...I justed wanted some kind words and a scan to see what was going on. Other MNers might shout me down here for being manipulative but for the last one I must admit I exagerated the heaviness of the bleeding and threw in some tears for good measure in A&E. I was seen quickly, taken to urgent gynae, scanned and looked after for a few hours. Thats all I wanted, it wasnt much to ask. I got my answers and was able to start coming to terms with it.
I am keeping things crossed for you, look after yourself xx

crochetcircle Wed 17-Nov-10 10:22:15

3kidsandbump sorry to hear you are going through this with little support.

A couple of ideas for how you might get a scan to find out what's going on. My EPU accepts self-referrals if you are bleeding in early pregnancy, so you just turn up and wait your turn for a scan. It might be worth checking if one of your local EPU's does that. The other service they offer is that a mid-wife is permanently on-call in the ante-natal unit and when this happened to me she basically told me how to get scanned. If you can find out the number for something similar in your area you might be able to get more professional help that way.

I don't think its acceptable that you should have to cope with this on your own and 'self-diagnose'. You are nearly 9 weeks pregnant.

And I really hope things turn out better than you expect. I know that bleeding is common in early pregnancy and does not always mean you are having a mc. Finger's crossed.

3kidsandbump Wed 17-Nov-10 12:19:46

Thanks for your replies everyone.

Phoned GP again this morning and have finally had a call back from them (after 4 hours). They basically said if I think that I have lost it anyway, then there isn't much they can do, except for checking that the hormone levels are going down, and to go back next week for another blood test.

Tbh I never realised that the level of support u get in sitations like this was so poor. I am very lucky to have had 3 DC's - this is the first time I have experienced anything like this, and I can't actually believe they just leave u to get on with it sad

crochet I know bleeding doesn't always mean MC, but there has been so much of it and some very big clots - I think it would take a miracle for there to be any viable baby left.

I guess it just makes me realise how fortunate I am to have 3 kids. I know not everyone is that lucky.

jasmine51 Wed 17-Nov-10 12:31:34

Thinking of you 3kids and sending you hugs. We are all here if want to rant at us, we understand xx

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