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KihoBebiluPute Thu 10-Dec-20 17:56:58

Ignore her. You know your son.

By far the biggest factor influencing educational outcomes in the first few years of school is just how many books there are at home, and whether the parents are engaged with education and do daily reading at home. Which school they are at really doesn't make much difference. Meanwhile socially there is a huge benefit to being as close as possible to home.

Your DS will be fine. Read with him every day and cultivate a love of learning by being enthusiastic and engaged. Don't worry about formal academics yet, that can come later.

From the age of 8/9 the quality of schooling can start to make a difference so keep an open mind about whether it might be appropriate to change schools later on down the line. But for now, closest schools are the best choice.

Delilahz Thu 10-Dec-20 07:51:12

My DS starts school next September. I've applied for the 3 schools closest to us.
My mum likes to give her opinion on everything relating to DS and most of the time I just let her carry on however, her current opinion is that I will not be sending him to the right school. My nephew is 9 months older and has just started school and has always been ahead academically, my mum thinks the reason for this because he went to a better preschool (she is always finding reasons to bad mouth DS preschool and claims they do not 'teach him anything) but my SIL has said that he learnt most of writing etc at home as he would rather learn then play.
I found out yesterday when she picked up DS from preschool that she asked my friend if the primary school will be sending books home etc like my nephews school does.. eye roll! She wants DS to go to my nephews school.
After looking at all ofsted reports and watching the virtual tours, they are all pretty much the same with good reports.
Question is, can you send your child to the wrong school? I don't really want to back down on this. She throws comments at me everyday and its getting to me. Thanks!

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