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My son has been punished for defending himself at school

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Sophia773 Sat 16-Mar-19 19:19:33

My son has never been in trouble before at school. Just 2 days ago he got an inclusion, whereby he has to go into school late and finish later. Prior to this, this child had been trying to start a fight with him and my son had managed to diffuse it but this particular time my son had no choice but to defend himself and push the other child to the ground. The school have given my son an inclusion which they have based on grainy (their words) CCTV footage. He is recieving the same punishment as the instigator! The school are saying that my son should have left the situation and told a teacher! They have also said that the footage shows my son being set on. Long story short, they won't allow me to see the footage! Can i? There's so much more but I just want to see if my son was assaulted!

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