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London private schools dyslexia friendly

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JoJoSM2 Fri 06-Sep-19 14:36:33

London is very big so your location will limit the schools that are feasible so you’d need to tell us where you are.

Also, is your son only very mildly dyslexic but very academic otherwise or is he dyslexic to the extend that very academic schools won’t suit him?

LeFaye Fri 01-Mar-19 16:54:12

Where in London are you? My DS1 has friends going to Emanuel School in Battersea/ Clapham as it's a good school but they're flexible with languages. (Nobody in his friendship group is keen on languages. They're all top set in everything but French).

Also, look at schools that have their own exams, such as Emanuel and Dulwich (and loads more but these are the ones I know), as it'll mean no compulsory French. Emanuel does test languages, but it's easier than the Common Entrance and according to friends, they're very accommodating with special assistance.

malmontar Tue 19-Feb-19 23:19:36

Don’t know about private but most state schools will excuse it, I’m assuming Sen is reason enough for a private to also excuse it especially if you’re willing to put him in extra English during this time

pinkbats Mon 14-Jan-19 14:18:37

Grips not gripes (grin)

pinkbats Mon 14-Jan-19 14:17:19

Dear All,

I’ve got two boys - the older one dyslexic. I’m noticing that loads of secondary schools stipulate compulsory two modern languages must be taken. Does anyone have experience of this? My son is currrently doing French but it’s a struggle and hard with the dyslexic component. Are there any (asking for the moon on a stick ?!) london schools that have a flexible view re this requirement ? Any experience or imput would be so appreciated. I’m not from the UK so still getting to gripes with 11+ / 13+ etc.

Thanks. smile

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