Relocating beginning of 7th year

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Shrh4veus1 Sun 15-Apr-18 14:18:15

Hi everyone,

I've read a million posts and found a lot of really great information including my most current delimma, but unfortunately not an answer yet. My daughter is 10 years old and currently in 5th grade which she will finish in the US. This means that when we relocate (without an education stipend), the next school year will be 7th year, the first year of secondary school. I've noticed there's a transfer process that occurs between primary and secondary. What happens if we miss this transfer (we will miss it)? Is she going to be able to go to school? I assume so but it's worth asking. I am aware that the outstanding schools are typically oversubscribed and catchment areas and all of that. I'm leaning toward the Richmond/ Teddington areas or on the way other end Woodford/ Buckhust Hill area. I need to know that she'll be able to get into a school and hopefully find a great football/soccer club for her to play in. Soccer currently consumes our lives and this is very important to her. Thank you!

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BikeRunSki Sun 15-Apr-18 14:38:35

The seventh year of schooling in the UK is actually the last year of primary school - it’s called Year 6 in England, because the first year is called Reception (age 4 going on 5) and the numbering starts in the second year (age 5 going on 6, called Year 1). There is different Year-naming terminology in Scotland and NI, not sure about Wales, but the change at Year 7 (11 going on 12) is still the same. Except - some areas have first/middle/high school system! But Primary (4/5 to 10/11) and Secondary (11/12-15/16) is the norm.

The child will enter the year group dependent on their age on 1 Sept. The current Year 6 are children who were born between 1/09/2006 to 31/08/2007.

BikeRunSki Sun 15-Apr-18 14:42:24

So it could be, that your daughter will enter Y6, just in time to apply for secondary school application, and transfer a year later.

What age will your daughter be on 1 Sept 2018?

Shrh4veus1 Sun 15-Apr-18 15:07:05

She'll be 11 by September.

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AlexanderHamilton Sun 15-Apr-18 15:10:28

Is she 11 on or before 31st August?

bookmum08 Sun 15-Apr-18 15:16:27

She will be going into Year 7 then if she turns 11 by August 31st of this year. Unfortunately you have missed the date for applying for a place - deadline was back in October, places were allocated last month. You would have to apply as a late application. Essentialy the applying has to be done almost a year in advance. It's a bloody annoying system. I was thinking of of moving for when my daughter starts Secondary which is Sept 2019 - 18 months away but I would have to move in the next six months to meet the deadline - which isn't do able!!!
I hope you get it sorted. Good luck.

ReinettePompadour Sun 15-Apr-18 15:25:15

You can apply once you have moved to the uk. You do need a uk address to apply though so cannot be done while you are in the USA. You will just be a late application. They will offer you a place wherever there is space nearby. You probably wont have much chance of getting into oversubscribed schools but can go on a waiting list for your preferred schools.

Contact the admissions team at the Lea in the area you are moving to and ask them which schools have places nearby to give you an idea of which school your dd might be looking at. You might find this information online. Is private education (paid) an option for you? If it is you will probably have more chance of getting a place where you want.


Shrh4veus1 Mon 16-Apr-18 14:51:21

Hi everyone, thank you for the responses. Is anyone familiar with Turing House secondary school in Teddington? It's not yet rated and also not yet oversubscribed.

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pissupinbrewery Sat 26-May-18 16:00:54

@Shrh4veus1 my DS is going to Turing House in September. They are definitely oversubscribed as we didn't get in at first and eventually got a waiting list place (it was our first preference), but the admissions area is wider than some
other popular schools because it's so new and still on a temporary site. I know some other parents there and they're thrilled with it. If you like small nurturing schools that are also academic then it's worth a look. They had their first Ofsted inspection a couple of weeks ago so the report should be out soon. The Ofsted parentview stats look promising - the school was proposed by parents and has a loyal following in the local community.

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