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Churcher's College

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Jobbieshitkakaboudin Fri 02-Mar-18 17:59:47

Does anyone have their DC at Churcher's college? I have 2 boys - very different but very close and won't be seperated so I have to find a school that suits the two. DS1 - musicaly stong, super sporty, ok at academics, likes to talk (too much). DS2 - serious academic. Enjoys sport and music but could do without it. He's a quiet well behaved type.
Any opinions on how Churcher's would or wouldnt suit them? I have a visit scheduled.

Lara53 Thu 25-Oct-18 15:13:59

Very late to this and perhaps you have made a decision now, but I have two DS at Churchers. DS1 is now in Yr11 and DS2 just started in Yr7. Happy to answer any questions!

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