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Feeling homesick

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Fluffysparks Mon 18-Sep-17 21:04:16

How old are you? I also suffer from really bad homesickness, I find having a text conversation with my DM always helped ;) Not the phone, because then I became upset at missing her voice. Just focus on having fun and making the most out of the opportunity wink

ibrunskill Mon 18-Sep-17 20:55:40

Im going on a school trip to america for a week just before christmas and its supposed to be amazing skiing and doing all fun activities which sounds great!
But i suffer from really bad homesickness. I think to myself:"what if i cant sleep?" "Oh my god i going to america for a whole week without my mum!"
And i just get really upset and tearful.
So if you have any advice about going on long school trips not in my country england ages away from america. That will be really helpful. Thanks

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