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Secondary School help please!

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Waney Wed 16-Aug-17 17:34:35

So we're thinking of moving houses with secondary school in mind for our DS. Want to stay in north London and considering as non-selective Wren Academy, East Barnet and Ashmole Academy. Can't really get into catchment of any two schools though (possibly East Barnet and Ashmole but then risk also being in a bit of a black hole too if the catchments get smaller for those schools). So:
1. any experience or knowledge of those schools as to which to prioritise?
2. Quite like Barnet as an area to move to but what are best areas close-ish to East Barnet School or areas to avoid?
3. Is Ashmole/New Southgate area ok for getting into London for work?

Thanks peeps for any guidance you may be able to give!

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