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Svemoh Sat 08-Jul-17 15:10:50

Hello there ....We are moving to London in September and I have a son studying in Grade 8/Year 9 and 3 year old daughter in Nursery.Both study in IB schools in India.My son is 12.5 years old in September and I understand that State/Private schools are rigid on age criteria for Year 9 admission as 13+ .Hence they aren't ready to acccomodate him .In any case they are full for 2017 session. However, International schools like ACS Cobham/Hillingdon ,International School of London etc are ready to take him in Year 9 .My DH' office would be at Canary Wharf . So Cobham is very far .What do you advise for schooling options for my son ? He is academically very bright and passionate about Soccer.

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