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Riverston school

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pizzalover2011 Fri 10-Feb-17 06:33:37

Hi, I'm looking for information on Riverston school in Lee. It's never had a reputable reputation compared to Colfes but has it changed? Would anyone recommend the school? My dc is dyslexic and I've heard the school have a good helpful approach towards learning disabilities.

doubleshotespresso Sat 03-Feb-18 00:42:18

Hello pizzalover2011

I am in a similar position to you- our child is currently undergoing some assessments and has been at Riverston nursery since 18 months. We are now looking at primary schools in the area and of course once you get a feel for a school, you naturally then consider academic results....

This is what has led us to consider Colfe's as an alternative, their fees do not seem a world away from Riverston but yet they achieve pretty spectacular results grades wise. However, it does seem a far more formal setting and very results-driven.... we have spoken to a few parents there who recommend it but do refer to the schools expectations to excel....

We are struggling to find any parents from the school part of Riverston but are working on that as it does seem a very happy environment, with a very "nurturing" approach, I am told that their support for Learning Difficulties is very strong...

It's all such a worry eh?

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