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Newly diagnosed learning difficulty

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KatieBw Tue 29-Nov-16 19:52:46

Any advice please? My DS in his school for 11 years, the seniors for the past 4 and now in year 10. He has had behavioural problems in class that have led to a third and final suspension for a series of small infractions. So he is on the verge of expulsion and the school are v hard on him, they have a rigid behavioural code. But last week - after I asked- the in house learning support team tested him and have emailed me to say he processes slower than average and is entitled to 25% more time in exams. Feel aghast and v disappointed this wasn't noticed earlier as perhaps this could have been accommodated - he has frequently got into trouble for not understanding work and falling behind. I am about to pull him out of the school and put him in a more relaxed environment but does anyone know how I should broach his current school and what their obligations should've been to him? It's a private boys school.

Spottytop1 Tue 29-Nov-16 19:56:20

Is it only processing that he has difficulties with? If so It is difficult to identify in day to day teaching...

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