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Central Bedfordshire is it changing to 2 tier system?

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dcbe17 Sun 15-May-16 08:04:15

Hi we live in NE London and have seen lovely house in Henlow. Anyone know what it's like to live there? Have 10 year old boy 8 year old girl and me and husband will be commuting to London. Is there stuff for kids to do or will I be driving the round trying to make up for the fact we moved out of London? Thinking ahead, what do teenagers get upto round there?
Also, I can't quite find out whether the change to 2 tier schools is going to happen in Central Beds from 2017. Confusing how Bedfordshire Borough wanted it but then with new govt coming in 2010 it all got stopped.
Henlow primary and middle seem nice enough for now but Samuel Whitbread hasn't got that great Gcse results and we are wondering if there is more upheaval coming with change in tiers it is going to be affected negatively. Its making me nervous about the move tbh.... Any insider views will be a great help.

heyitscharlie Thu 26-May-16 20:35:56

So officially no, central beds is sticking to the 3 tier system.
But as someone who works at one of their middle schools, unofficially it would appear most likely that we will move to the 2 tier system in the near future.

That's not to say that the move wouldn't be a good thing though. Personally I love middle schools, middles have great potential to become fab small senior schools, as we already have lots of the facilities needed to teach up to 16yo.

It's all a bit of a waiting game for the time being. But if the system does change there would be a considerable investment to modernise the schools and technology and increase capacity, which would create brill work opportunities for the students.

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