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Horris Hill School

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Londonmum07 Sun 27-Dec-15 22:16:31

Does anyone have recent experience of Horris Hill school.My DS is 9 very bright,loves music and drama.Not a great at sports but likes to join in.We liked the school and think it might be a good fit for him.

Themodernuriahheep Sun 27-Dec-15 22:28:49

One of Ds' cousins left twoish tears ago. Not sure if that is recent enough. His older bro left a couple of years before that.

Truly excellent teaching, IMV, from what I've seen, but small. Means masses of opportunities in many ways but a culture shock at transfer. And a lot of hugely rich helicoptered parents. Older boy found it hard socially, didn't deal with the insecurities well. Younger boy v sporty and coped brilliantly.

One slight query in my mind. We took both boys and DS to France on several occasions. Despite excellent accents, excellent teaching, neither was prepared to go up and ask for stuff. DS with far worse knowledge from crap local school had to do all the talking and negotiations. Probably just diff characters, but wondered why when their French was so pretty, they should have had confidence.

Themodernuriahheep Sun 27-Dec-15 22:30:37

Ps, like it a lot more than many if its competitors.

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