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What do average 9&10 yr old girls chat about at school?

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pinkrocker Sun 09-Aug-15 09:25:40

DD is about to start middle school, I'm not wanting her to suddenly grow up or change her likes and dislikes....she adores My Little Pony (and can spend all day drawing and discussing them)
I'm just hoping there'll be other like minded little girls there, but what if they're all into 1D? Or fashion?
I'm worried my DD won't fit in as she's not trendy. I really don't want anyone picking on her for liking what she likes.
Am I being stupid and over thinking?
What does your DD like?

defineme Sun 09-Aug-15 09:39:12

Dd likes 1D but her best friend loves My Little Pony, I wouldn't worry too much. In my own and dd's experience, it's a terrible age for girls friendship and fallings out, but being yourself is the best policy. If she does run into any issues, dd found this book very helpful :Stand Up For Yourself and Your Friends by P Criswell, and she rereads it if she's having difficulty with a friend.

SwedishEdith Sun 09-Aug-15 09:49:34

Rabbits, cats and puppies, minecraft, cartwheels. MLP would fit right in.

WhatWouldBlairWaldorfDo Sun 09-Aug-15 10:03:41

At my school (juniors) current obsessions are

5seconds of summer
The next step (tv show on cbbc)
Adult colouring books
Cartwheels / handstands
Any kind of arts / crafts
How to train your dragon
Harry potter
Imaginative play eg teachers / mums and dads

Orangeanddemons Sun 09-Aug-15 10:07:05

Minecraft, jellycat, rabbits, adult colouring books. My dd hates fashion and 1D

Orangeanddemons Sun 09-Aug-15 10:07:54

Oh, the Next Step! My dd is obsessed with that.

DansonslaCapucine Sun 09-Aug-15 10:11:49

DD loves watching craft videos on YouTube, Minecraft, cartwheels, music (not 1D) and imaginative play.

Other girls like having a boyfriend. DD is far removed from this.

WhatWouldBlairWaldorfDo Sun 09-Aug-15 10:24:36

Oh and most of the girls dont get into fashion until year6, and even then its only really having cool trainers and getting their ears pierced.
There are lots of 'character' knickers still up to about yr5, eg hello kitty / mlp / animals (seen when doing cartwheels/getting changed for pe, i dont go round checking!)

They are very into hair though, lots of braids and ribbons/bows at the minute.

Most of them are still at the stage where they think boys are smelly and daft, so 'boyfriends' not an issue really.

pinkrocker Sun 09-Aug-15 11:30:16

Ah fab. Thank you, very helpful.
I think I'm worried cos her best pal who also loves MLP has been put in another class, so I'm hoping she'll find other classmates equally MLP daft, but in case not, she does play minecraft on the tablet (the free building one anyway) so I might encourage that a bit as well!!

defineme Sun 09-Aug-15 13:43:44

This has made me laugh, alongside 1D, dd is also mad on cartwheels, The Next Step, hamsters/cats/rabbits ... I didn't realise she was so similar to every other 10 year old girl!

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 14-Aug-15 07:58:04

My DD has just finished year 6, still plays with sylvanians. It us all cute kittens and puppies, combined with hair crimping and nail polish. Clothes are not yet on the agenda.

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