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Menopause survey

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katie3677 Tue 06-Oct-09 11:31:10

I am a regular Mumsnetter and am doing a project on behalf of a client to find out how women cope with the menopause. Participants will be entered into a prize draw to win £150 of M&S vouchers. If you are suffering menopausal symptoms and could fill out the survey I'd be really grateful, and also feel free to forward it on to anyone you can think of. hyto-soya-/

Many thanks and good luck.

choccyp1g Tue 06-Oct-09 11:44:17

Done it, but one of the questions is silly, it assumes that that menopause will make you feel "unconfident". Not the case at all for me, it just makes me feel tired on account of waking up in a sweat all night long.

girlywhirly Wed 07-Oct-09 09:27:48

So have I.

katie3677 Wed 07-Oct-09 11:56:25


Jux Wed 07-Oct-09 12:25:20

I'm not sure that you should be posting here.

I've done the survey. FWIW, the questions that annoyed me was about my consultation with my GP for which I selected the closest answer available but which didn't reflect the consultation, and the one about how I felt which was that actually it wasn't a problem at all and I rather enjoyed the sweats/flushes as I am usually cold and it was nice to be warm/hot.

katie3677 Wed 07-Oct-09 13:13:03

Jux why do you think I shouldn't be posting here?
Sorry if some of the questions don't exactly reflect your experiences, it is quite difficult to encompass all possible eventualities, so you did the right thing by just ticking the one closest to your experience. Thanks again for doing this.

echt Fri 09-Oct-09 08:38:10

The survey asked some dodgy questions; one implied that the only option was following your GP's advice blindly - no sense that I might have read up on alternative methods.

It also asked if I'd been taking HRT for a long time - no option to say for a short time.

As it happens, after a year my GP suggested taking a holiday from HRT, at my discretion, to see if symptoms had abated. Bingo! They have. Manageable night- time hot flushes now (none in the day time, ever). No other symptoms. Sorted.

HRT has been fab for me. And it rhymes.

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