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no period and no symptoms???

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Ilovechristmas Tue 15-Sep-09 18:18:41

At xmas I had what I believed to be a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy Had raging nausea, hightened sense of smell etc etc. However, my gps arent terribly sympathetic and laughed at the thought of it, by the time I had tests and treatments I knew it was over anyway. However, since then I have had problems. Took a while for my cycle to get back into sync and had a scan in the meantime which showed all my bits were doing what they are supposed to do and nothing worrying. I had a large gland come up in my inner thigh so went along to the gp as it was causing me crippling pains in the mornings. She was rushed but referred me to a gyni. He didnt examine me but told me I was nowhere near peri or menapause and was extremely fertisle and recommended I go back to the coil (had it removed 3 years previous). June, I had a normal period, July brown discharge for about a week 0 10 days. Since then nothing?? I went back to the gp as the pain from my inner thigh was now radiating around my hip joint. My hip and stomach area are quite swollen for me although they dont see it, but I am usually a size 8, so do notice weight gain quite easily. I am not sure if anyone has had similar or can help, but the whole thing is getting me very low as I cant seem to find any help for this. Just someone to talk to would be good (grin). I have to wait to go back to the gyni again,, but am really thinking this is a waste of time. Im not even sure if Im in the right thread, but I really didnt know where else to put this!! I dont know if it makes a difference but he said I had loads of tests and one said my eostrogen was thru the roof?? thanks all x

Ilovechristmas Tue 15-Sep-09 18:20:30

forgot to mention Im an old bird of 47 grin

purplepeony Wed 23-Sep-09 16:31:08

I can't see how your hips & thighs etc are connected in any way with your gynae probs.
High FSH levels canshow menopause and high oestrogen levels can show your body is having 1 last surge- you need to ask to see a consultant, but don't muddle up non-gynae and gynae things- if your periods are wonky talk about that, if your legs, hips etc are a bother, see a physio etc.

Ilovechristmas Fri 02-Oct-09 11:21:18

Thanks purplepeony and sorry, only just saw your reply today smile
Still no period and whats really strange is that I have no feeling of having one?? Dr doesnt know what is wrong with me. The pain increased during intercourse, so I guess thats why? I dont appear to have menopause sypmptoms either? Just feeling pretty 'normal' for want of a better word.

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