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Perimenopause advice needed

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 30-Aug-09 23:23:05

I have been feeling like I am loosing my mind but after a bit of reading up realise I am in perimenopause cycle

i am 42 and had my last child 22 months ago.I have always had periods every 28 days that last 4 days bit last month and this they lasted 2 days

my mood has been awful,very stressed,anxious depressed (severe this month) and this month i have felt palpitations and dizzyness.I am over heating too

i am a bit worried as I have felt quite ill and i hate the mood swings as do my family

anyone in same position that can offer any advice?

CrystalDeCanter Thu 13-Jun-13 02:29:50

Hi all, I'm back after a visit to the doc to discuss my RAGE. He seemed unconvinced that it was anything to do with meno as my periods are still regular. His suggestion was a blood test - not so much for homone levels as, according to them, they're useless and tell you nothing, but more for general health, vit B & D, er other stuff.

His main advice though was to go on the Mirena Coil - therefore no periods and zero pmt symptoms. Anyone on this?

Oh his other advice was to see what your sisters/aunts/mothers/grandmothers experience of menopause is. You're apparently very likely to follow a similar pattern to them . . . Will ask my mum later.

FryOneFatManic Thu 13-Jun-13 09:43:47

Looking at family patterns would be useless in my family.

Mum had a hysterectomy at 35 and had been told that incidentally she was also going through menopause. My 2 aunts had early menopause (before 40). Some cousins (I am youngest) have started at around 45 mark and I am coming up to 45, but other cousins were older, so nothing is consistent at all.

amigababy Thu 13-Jun-13 11:31:41

just marking place while I have what has turned into a duvet day, as I'm knackered. I'm lucky it's a day off and the house is tidy too so I can duvet down and mumsnet.
I think I'm peri menopausal, age 46, very tired and starting to get more irritable but sitting on it. Putting on tummy weight and trying to follow one of the Marilyn Glanville books for general advice.

Single target for the day is to do my c25k. run as I know it'll do me good one way or another.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 19-Jun-13 04:23:58

I'm back from visiting the LOVELY female gynae specialist gp that my lovely male GP directed me towards. SHE WAS BRILLIANT.

Her advice was don't go down the Mirena coil route as contrary to what my previous doc had advised it DOESN'T get rid of PMT symptoms and as my periods are fine (not heavy or agonising) then it would be little use (and I don't need contraception). Other hormonal devices such as Depo or another implant could fix the pmt issues but again as I don't need contraception then she's reluctant to use as first response.

She explained that my monthly pmt RAGE was down to a hormonal related drop in seratonin levels so she has recommended I take Vitamin B6 and Calcium when I first feel any PMT symptoms until I start my period. Apparently that lifts the seratonin levels and I will be less FURIOUS and generally nicer. She also recommended that I alert my family to the days when I'm feeling particularly ragey so they can be conscious of not antagonising me my lowered mood.

I was really pleased as am reluctant to head straight for artificial hormonal help until I really need it. Lovely GP suggested that if the Vit B6 and Calcium aren't enough then I should come back and we'd discuss further the possibility of the implant or maybe short dose anti-D's.

Overall I found it a really interesting discussion and am keen to try out the Vits to see if they help.

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:38:08

<scribbles furiously on notepad VitB6 and calcium>

I get The Rage too. blush I can feel it coming and am powerless to stop it.

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:38:38

Arf at 'less furious' grin

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:39:26

YYY - Alert your family so they can all go out, and stay out for 48 hours minimum. grin

(think I need to do this with DH)

CrystalDeCanter Wed 19-Jun-13 06:41:24

It's awful isn't it TheRealFellation. I feel so sorry for my little dds when I'm being an utter madzer sad - not that I'm bashing them or anything but I'm just so unreasonable and it's not fair on them. Or or dh actually.

Try the VitB6 and Calcium, lovely GP said most women were helped by it.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 19-Jun-13 06:43:41

Lovely GP was also pretty feminist about the whole thing really (which I LOVED) and said that we have to accept that we are cyclical beings and it's unfair that work/families/life doesn't accept it. I totally loved her. She was total groovy older women.

TheRealFellatio Wed 19-Jun-13 06:52:23

can she do a Mumsnet web chat? grin

SofiaAmes Wed 19-Jun-13 06:54:20

I spent 2 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me after having my dd (at 39). Many of the same symptoms you are describing. Finally had a hormone specialist put me on the pill (low dose). All the symptoms cleared up within 30 days, including a few that I had no idea were related to my hormones (the bad hair day I'd been having for 7 years that I thought was due to the English humidity). I have never looked back.

Meglet Sat 22-Jun-13 22:03:31

Just checking in.

I think my leg hair is slowing. 25yrs of leg waxing never cracked it, the hair would be fuzzy within 10 days. But hitting the menopause has made it pretty much grind to a halt.

Fabulousandforty Sat 22-Jun-13 22:52:26

Just joined Mumsnet and very relieved to find out it isn't just me. Just started having spotting between periods at 46. Also, periods have become shorter and lighter. I have had itchy skin and have had light headed dizzy spells over the last year. I also had a fainting episode, which the doctor said was a panic attack but now I realise might be hormone related. I actually called an ambulance about a year ago because my heart started beating really fast and continued for at least an hour and also it was thumping really hard. They gave me an ECG and only now do I realise that might be related to the dreaded hormones too. Reading this thread has been a real tonic.

Bellaciao Sun 23-Jun-13 18:05:47

Hey CrystalDeCanter anti-D's are far more artificial than replacing oestrogen!! If your rages are due to hormones - it may just be the drop in progesterone that we all experience(d) immediately before our periods as well as sudden fall in oestrogen - then eventually when you become peri-menopausal and your hormones fluctuate more wildlly - and maybe your rage worses - you would be best taking these. Most oestrogen nowadays is bio-identical anyway, and you can also get bio-identical progesterone (on NHS) so nothing especially artificial about that.

You might like to see what Prof Studd has to say about pms symptoms.

Lots of other info in the menu.

By all means do all you can to boost natural levels of anything else by making sure your vits calcium etc aren't deficient - but also best to make sure you get as much of these as possible from your diet rather than pills.

CrystalDeCanter Wed 26-Jun-13 03:02:43

Thanks for the links Bellaciao. Interesting articles and interesting the recommendation of hormone therapy rather than antiD's.

meditrina Tue 27-Aug-13 16:47:51

I was wondering, what supplements do posters think they have benefited from? I'm just starting to get hot flushes. Nothing that I (yet) want to seek GP advice for, but would be interested in knowing what (if any supplements) can help keep them under control.

A friend in RL recommended sage. Any one agree, or able to recommend something else?

meditrina Tue 27-Aug-13 22:49:48


And also, are hot flushes worse at certain times of the month? I'm wondering if mine are only really present pre-menstrually. Is that nomal, or might I be imagining it?

Secretswitch Wed 28-Aug-13 06:18:31

I am 48 and experiencing the period from HELL! Breast pain three weeks in advance, just now abating. Heavy flow, spots like I was fifteen, and rage so bad I found myself actually clenching my teeth until my jaw was aching.
My periods have become erratic but still fairly regular. I definitely suffer from mood swings. I am trying to control with diet and exercise. I am attempting to increase my water consumption and decrease my caffeine consumption. I take lots of vitamin b, calcium, evening primrose oil and black cohosh (all on recommendation of my nurse practitioner)

JustBecauseICan Wed 28-Aug-13 06:35:07

Can I join you all?

Almost 48, just had first period since April. No other real symptoms apart from hairy chin though did have a month or so of hot flushes about May time which seem to have abated.

I shall read thread at leisure when I get to work!

Secretswitch Wed 28-Aug-13 06:41:55

Oh yes, had forgot to add..lovely stray chin hairs! Thanks for the reminder JustBecause!

marriednotdead Wed 28-Aug-13 08:16:10

Hi all. I thought I'd update as the thread is still ticking along smile

I've been on Everol Conti HRT patches since May. The immediate improvement was in the aching bones- I cannot believe I was suffering so much for so long.

I no longer have a zero libido, dried up fanjo, anxiety and low mood. My energy levels are back to what they used to be and the half stone I couldn't shift has finally gone. The latter may be partly due to the last of the Depo shot leaving my system, as it came as part of the package hmm

7 weeks in I had a 'period' and have since bled and/or spotted for a few days at least every 2-3 weeks since. The blurb says that's normal for the first few months and tbh, it's worth it for the quality of life. I've had occasional hot flushes but that's pretty much how it was before.

No chin hairs yet.

I'm able to see my life as it is now rather than in the fog of menopause and have started to make positive changes. I'll probably end my marriage but that's the right thing for me and I hope to have a happier, healthy future.

mkmjimmy Wed 28-Aug-13 11:39:29

A good link is

it explains why for some women who are perI menopause hrt can be a really good idea. it really helped me. but I know not everyone can take it. but if you can its probably worth a try.

scaevola Fri 30-Aug-13 03:11:37

I'm awake because of hot flushes: angry <-- me, now.

Off to make nice soothing chamomile tea, then go back to bed and try again.

missbopeep Fri 30-Aug-13 08:21:26

There's the thing called HRT which can help! Not worth trying?

alemci Fri 30-Aug-13 08:36:08

just had a period after not having any since May apart from a break through spotting in August with some pain. It has been heavy but relieved because I am off this week rather than being in work.

I itch alot around my breasts at times and have night sweats usually before period starts

My mum took HRT at my age but I don't think i will bother if i can help it.

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